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Pause-Breathe-Feel (Stop, Breathe, And Feel) Practicing Mindfulness When Busy By Kessuda Bunngamanong

Benefits of rest training breathe and feel
1. Will make the mind stable, thoughts will calm down, the brain will be cleared
2. The ability and skill to experience and recognize things that happen within oneself, such as thoughts, physical feelings and emotions. and what's going on around will develop better Understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings, actions, and be aware of the relationship of external factors that affect our internal state.
3. With a calm and stable mind Will make you aware of things that happen as they are, without judging or embellishing any matter, just acknowledging, hearing, seeing, feeling. Body and mind are more relaxed. tension Worries are reduced Relaxed nervous system works better.
4. When the mind is calm, thinking, reading, making decisions and solving problems in things.
5. The ability to concentrate better. Creation of ideas and creative states
6. produce more Work more efficiently.
7. Satisfaction with life, satisfaction, appreciation and kindness to oneself and others better.

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