Legend of the Fairy Sword of Refusing Sorrow

Soon, Meng Hui found a "Yunluo Inn". The heart is Xuan'e,


Soon, Meng Hui found a "Yunluo Inn". The heart is Xuan'e, Meng Hui also did not attend to choose, hurriedly took the girl to go in. Three guests, are you staying at the hotel? Immediately a man came up to greet him and saluted. Yes, stay in the hotel, arrange a room for me quickly, and prepare an umbrella. Wait, what did you say? Three guests? Meng Hui suddenly realized that something was wrong and did not want to believe what he thought. He slowly turned his head and looked back. Prequel Nine Years Chapter 30 Heart "Ah!" Meng Hui cried out as if he had seen a ghost. "You.." he said, trembling. When did you catch up? "At the city gate." Xuan E's answer is very concise. Xuaner was surprised and said, "So my brother didn't lie to me. Sister, you can really keep up with me. My brother was worried about you just now." "Nonsense, I didn't!" Meng Hui became angry from embarrassment. Just now he thought it was one thing if she couldn't keep up with him, but now he found that if he didn't get rid of her, his original intention would come to nothing. Meng Hui said angrily to the waiter, "There are only two of us staying at the hotel, not three." See clearly, it's me and this little girl, but I won't pay for other people's money. Give me a room! "Okay, okay." The man nodded and thought, "It's not a conflict between husband and wife, is it?" However, such a beautiful woman, like a fairy, how can this husband have the heart to fall out with her? Murmured in the heart,ultrasonic dispersing machine, the waiter's hands and feet were quick, and he quickly registered properly. He bowed and said, "My guest, your room is in the second room of Tianzi. Please come with the villain." Meng Hui snorted, and without looking at Xuan'e, he pulled the girl upstairs. Elder brother The girl wanted to plead. Girl, we got a lot of money last time, but not much. If it runs out, my brother will have to perform in the street again. Meng Hui blocked the girl's words in advance. Hearing this,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the girl's face turned white and her lips moved. After all, she did not plead again. The hotel is not cheap, but the rooms are nice and tastefully furnished, with dressing mirrors, wardrobes, and even a large bath tub behind a screen. How many days haven't you bathed? Meng Hui felt itchy all over when he saw the tub and pulled his finger, "Bah." Count what? It's like I haven't had a bath since I came to this world. Meng Hui said to the waiter, "Man, I'll get some buckets of hot water later. I want to take a bath." The waiter said, "My guest, today's hot water has been used up. My guest, can you.." "Run out?"? It's all right. Bring up some buckets of cold water. I want clean water. Meng Hui relied on his own magic, and turning cold water into hot water was just a matter of turning over his hands. Oh, okay.. "The man stole a glance at Meng Hui, exclaimed secretly, and retreated to close the door." Brother, it's going to rain. The girl opened the window and looked at the street, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "but Sister Xuan'e was still standing outside." "Oh?"? Is it? ' Meng Hui leaned over to see that, sure enough, Xuan'e was standing opposite the inn, with her back against the wall, her eyes closed and her face expressionless. Hum It doesn't matter. When it rains, she will find shelter. Meng Hui hummed. The girl was still looking at Xuan'e, Meng Hui was bored, tidied up the bed, and then sat on the edge of the bed to look at the luck method given by Xuan'er Niang. Passed a little while, somebody knocks: "My guest officer, water came." It's that guy. After opening the door, the waiter poured the water he was carrying into the barrel. When he was about to leave, he hesitated for a moment and turned to Meng Hui and said, "This guest officer, that one came with you.." Girl, she's still outside, it's already raining. Not daring to say more, he closed the door. What Meng Hui got up and squeezed to the window to have a look. Sure enough, it was raining, but Xuan E still kept that way, standing against the wall with her eyes closed. Xuaner! Why didn't you tell me? Meng returned to blame. The girl had been looking out of the window without saying a word. Elder brother With tears in her eyes, the girl said, "Xuaner doesn't want her brother to do that kind of thing again, even if." It's all right, Xuaner, don't! Did not expect casual words, this wench actually took it seriously, Meng Hui also did not care to explain, pushed the door out. Xuan'e, who was leaning against the wall, was still motionless. Suddenly, she noticed that the rain seemed to have stopped. When she opened her eyes, she saw Meng Hui holding an umbrella to block the rain for her. "Are you crazy, woman?" Meng Hui said angrily, "Do you feel comfortable being drenched?" Looking at Meng Hui's angry appearance, Xuan E still did not have any reaction, but stared at Meng Hui with bright eyes. Meng Hui said helplessly, "I'm afraid of you. Come here." Grab Xuan'e's hand and lead her to the inn. Xuan'e let Meng Hui hold her hand, as if feeling Meng Hui's hand, and when she was fast entering the inn, she suddenly broke free. What's wrong with you? Meng Hui looked at Xuan'e strangely. Xuan'e did not answer, stroking the place where Meng Hui had just caught her, and her expression was a little flustered. Inexplicable. Meng Hui shook his head and turned to the waiter. "Are there any vacant rooms around Room 2?" "Yes, my guest." The man promised, but he stole a glance at Xuan'e. Only then did Meng Hui discover that the rain had soaked Xuan'e's clothes, making Xuan'e's exquisite figure stand out and her curves exposed. Go, go, go. What are you looking at? Meng Hui hurriedly covered Xuan'e's body, "take me to the room quickly, and then take a bath." Take Xuan'e into the room, Meng Hui exhorted: "Wait for the waiter to bring up the water, don't rush to take a bath, I will come to heat the water for you later." Xuan'e nodded slightly and agreed. Meng Hui pushed the door and went out. At this time, if Meng returned to the house,ultrasonic cutting machine, he would certainly see a scene that surprised him. Xuan'e's eyes flashed, and the wet clothes on her body actually came out with a lot of moisture. In a twinkling of an eye, they dried up and were as elegant as before. What's wrong with me? "Xuan'e stroked her hand stupidly." What was the fluctuation of her mood just now?.. " The thirty-first chapter of the ninth year of the prequel is timid. Meng returned to the room and saw that the girl was still looking out of the window. "What is the ugly girl looking at?" She joked? Is there anyone else getting wet? 。 fycgsonic.com