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Qu Yun looks carefully, astonished: "This is the thing that he wears to save life since childhood,


Qu Yun looks carefully, astonished: "This is the thing that he wears to save life since childhood, unexpectedly gave you!" Then she put the morning dew back in her mouth, stirred it with her tongue, and let it melt, and she gradually felt a burst of heat. "He gave me this and insisted on watching me take it, but." As if steamed by the heat, her eyes misty: "Since that day, how can I easily accept what anyone gives me?" Qu Yun listens to this low murmur, heartache such as twist. The next day, when the morning dew was still resting on the bed, I heard the palace people saying that the emperor had formally received the Tartar emissary in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Morning dew did not hurry to go, she smiled, thinking at this time in the throne room, how wonderful and lively. The sunlight shines into the whole bedroom hall, the spring scenery outside the window is beautiful, and the songbirds are whispering. She got up slowly and let the maidservants serve her. When they picked up the Rouge, the flowers, and the beads, she smiled softly and waved to stop them. "I'll do it myself!" The delicate and tender face reflected in the mirror is still pale, but there is no longer that kind of blue and white illusion, that clear eyes swept, looking between, like cold jade ice and snow. She did not touch her eyebrows and lips at all,bottle blowing machine, as if she thought the powder would stain her face. Without looking at it, she did it herself, combed her hair in a bun, picked out a green and flowing emerald step shake on the plate, and inserted it obliquely between her black hair. She put on the cloud and moon palace dress made of cold silk and leaned against the window at will. When Mei Guipin entered the bedroom, she saw such a picture. Volume II Chapter 30 The Banquet The girl leaned against the window, her whole body glittering and shining like snow jade, and a touch of green between the hair of ebony,water bottling line, just like heaven and man. Mei Guipin looked at the morning dew with her eyes closed, only to feel dazzled, and there was a faint sense of jealousy in her heart. Her face was full of surprise and joy: "It turns out that my sister's body is already well!" Chen Lu looked back and saw that it was her. She was about to stand up. Mei Guipin hurriedly stepped forward to help her. "Be careful, sister!" The two of them sat down separately, and the palace people brought fresh cakes, four dishes of eight colors, all given by the Palace of Heavenly Purity. Mei Guipin looked at the delicate palace spots, all of which she had never seen before, and felt even more sour in her heart. Morning Dew asked her to use them first, but she just said that she had used breakfast and really couldn't eat any more. The morning dew watched her take a sip of tea, which was very ripe. She behaved elegantly, but did not touch anything. This was the style of a woman in the palace: she never really ate anything outside. She remembered that at first, at the queen's banquet, the innocent girl who ate with relish could not help sighing. In this palace, like deep ink, who can't be blackened by it? "I am relieved to see that my sister is in good health today-she has earned face for me, and I am proud of her!" She was naive and lively, water filling machine ,water filling machine, and spoke vividly of the praise of the people in the harem, as if she had seen it herself. Finally, she said, "Even the Empress Dowager and the Empress were surprised to hear that there was such a strange woman in the palace!" Here it comes! The morning dew sneered in her heart, but said with a smile, "It must be the empress that you praised me too much, which made the two masters curious." "Why does my sister blame me?" "Mei Guipin was so angry that she could not comply. Her big watery eyes seemed to be able to speak. She could not blame yuan Qi for staying in her palace all this time." The two masters, empresses, after hearing all kinds of legends, all want to see the real person! Tomorrow the Empress Dowager will hold a family banquet there, and all the sisters will attend. She also said that she would take Shang Yi with her. Although this remark was made jokingly, it was also a decree. Chen Lu lowered her head and listened for a long time. Then she looked up and said with a smile, "This is the love of the two masters. I really feel guilty about it." "That's settled. I'll pick up my sister on time tomorrow!" Mei Guipin achieved her goal, and Pinting Tingting left. Morning dew looked at her figure in a daze, a long time, gently laughed. That smile is like the dawn of the morning, beautiful, but do not have a kind of cold, let life tremble. She narrowed her eyes, and in her clear pupils was a blazing flame of hatred that could not be mistaken. Lin yuan. Finally, we're going to meet again! As the morning dew thought, the front court is really wonderful and extraordinary. In the Hall of Supreme Harmony, there was a solemn and solemn faction, with civil and military ministers standing on both sides in complete silence. In the supreme throne, yuan Qi held his cheek in one hand and was listening with great interest. In the center of the hall, the young man, one of the two emissaries, was reading aloud the credentials of Hulu Khan. His tone was a little strange and sounded ridiculous, but the atmosphere in the court was heavy, but no one was in the mood to laugh at her. yuan Qi was unhurried and even smiled leisurely. When the emissary finished reading, he did not ask them to go down. Instead, he looked around at the ministers in the hall and asked, "What do you think?" This question is empty, also can not hear the joy and anger, everyone is the officialdom mixed old people, who dare to touch this bad luck, so the bottom of a silence. The young emissary knew nothing about the officialdom of the Central Plains. Seeing that the people kept silent, he thought they were all afraid of the Tartar fighters. He couldn't help exulting: "I, the Great Khan, uphold the benevolence of immortality. I don't want to kill more. It's really a good deal for you to hand over these annual tributes in exchange for the tranquility of the Central Plains." "Suigong?" yuan Qiying raised his eyebrows as if he had heard this new word for the first time and laughed instead of being angry. Bold barbarians, dare to speak wildly in the court! Have I ever submitted to you in the Celestial Dynasty, and where is the annual tribute?! Without looking up, they knew that it was Huang Shangshu, who was straightforward and bookish. As if waiting for him to say this, the young man opened his mouth to provoke, and the emperor finally opened his mouth. His voice was not high, and the oppression hidden under his calmness made the Tartar emissary alert. "Messenger, shall I call you Lord Muna, or Prince Muna?" As soon as yuan Qi opened his mouth, his Highness was stunned. The emissary did not expect this, so he was surprised to step back a few steps, but was caught by Qu Yun with a big hand. Prince,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, don't panic. I'm not going to keep you here. I'm just asking you to report back to your father Khan. I won't allow any of his letters! Muna did not struggle, but stared at him with contempt. "As soon as my Tartar army arrives, your Central Plains will be reduced to ashes in a moment!" 。