Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

"All right, we'll make a bet!" Guo Fu's temperament was also somewhat rigid,


"All right, we'll make a bet!" Guo Fu's temperament was also somewhat rigid, and she was so stirred up by her husband that she immediately took out a hundredfold of courage. She raised her head and held out her chest, and said in a crisp voice, but unfortunately her shyness had not faded, and she still dared not be a person. She just stared at the light smoke. Xiao Yuesheng suddenly felt that she was indescribably lovely, but the Peach Blossom Island was about to arrive, and he could not tolerate any more intimacy. With a gentle smile, his fingers pressed the strings, and a string of clear sounds suddenly sounded, rushing out of Wupeng and spreading straight to the vast sea. It was a song about a phoenix seeking a phoenix. As Guo Fu listened to it, she suddenly spat: "Elder brother, your song makes me that way.." Martial Uncle will be annoyed when he hears this! "Uncle Cheng?!" Martial Uncle Cheng?.. "No, no, you can't call her that anymore. When you get married, you can call her Sister Cheng." Xiao Yuesheng immediately put his hands on him and stopped the strings. Cheng Ying was a close disciple of Huang Yaoshi. Guo Fu naturally wanted to call him Martial Uncle. Although she was reluctant, she could not. The distinction between high and low, the order of the old and the young, could not be crossed at all. It's just that Xiao Yuesheng feels that he has no father or mother in this world, and that he is independent. He really can't allow himself to be subservient to others. Even if all the people he makes friends with are outstanding people in the world and respected for generations, they are only friends of the same generation. Sister Cheng?.. If my father hears it, he will be very angry! Guo Fuhongxia gradually faded jade face look rather hesitant, feel embarrassed, father abide by the etiquette system,digital signage kiosk, will not allow himself to be so presumptuous. Hsiao Yueh-sheng chuckled. He had already changed a tune in his hand. "My father-in-law is a sensible man," he said in a clear voice. "How can I blame you?!" Guo Fu curled her full little mouth and hummed. Dad was a sensible man, but he was stubborn and terrible. Compared with Grandpa, the two of them became a son-in-law. As the saying goes, they are not a family and do not enter the same house. It was almost noon, and Xiao Yuesheng was worried that he would miss lunch, so he was a little weak and wrapped the boat lightly. Suddenly, the speed of the boat increased sharply, almost brushing the tiny waves,face recognition identification, drawing a long line on the vast sea. The sound of the gurgling piano in the boat also became misty, fluttering lightly and heavily on the sea. Chapter 140 running water. "Here we are!" When Guo Fu was about to tell her husband to walk slowly, Xiao Yuesheng had already opened his mouth with a smile, and at the same time the sound of the piano stopped. She was quite surprised, in the past experience, after seeing the island, it would take half a day to reach the Peach Blossom Island, which was only two cups of tea, how could it be so fast?! Did the eldest brother admit his mistake?! She stood up, straightened her clothes, and went out of Wupeng. The clumps of rugged rocks looked familiar to her, and there were deep scratches on them carved by herself and her sister and brother, "Guo's three sisters and brothers came here.". Not far away, the peach trees all over the mountains and plains made her feel more intimate, and the memories of childhood gradually emerged in her mind. At that time, he followed Grandfather Ke to live here. Grandfather Ke's eyes and body were invisible, but his ears were very good. When he watched himself practicing martial arts, outdoor digital signage displays ,digital signage screen, every time he was lazy, he could hear him, and the loud and stern shout would be heard. The iron stick in his hand would be stamped with a bang, and the earth and rocks would splash, which was very frightening. But in addition to practicing martial arts, Grandfather Ke doted on himself the rest of the time. He was very happy to catch shrimps in the sea with himself. Xiao Yuesheng stood smiling beside Guo Fu, who was in a trance and smiling, and did not speak, letting her thoughts fly and immerse herself in the memory of the past. Brother Xiao. The clear voice came from far away, if there was no sound, then it became loud, obviously the internal force, dozens of feet away in the peach forest flashed a graceful figure, constantly waving his arms, a white shirt dancing with the wind, quite charming. Ha ha, matchless sister, we are coming! Xiao Yuesheng also waved his hand over there, laughed, and said in a gentle voice that the sound moved slowly, but the breeze could not blow away, and calmly floated into the ears of Lu Wushuang, who was waving his arms. Just Xiao Yuesheng face with a sense of doubt, why Lu Wushuang so enthusiastic? Enthusiastic almost gaffe, do you miss yourself so much. One day's absence is like three autumns apart? Then he quickly denied this rather narcissistic idea, Lu Wushuang is deeply in love with his second brother Yang Guo. I have an ordinary appearance. It's not what women like. Guo Fu had already woken up from a daze and waved to Lu Wushuang, who was standing beside the peach grove. She had met Cheng Ying and Lu Wushuang many times and had a deep friendship. At that time, she stayed at home, and they lived with Huang Yaoshi in Guo Fu. They were close in age, so it was easy to form a friendship. No longer in charge of the boat slowly floating to the shore, Xiao Yuesheng hugged Guo Fu, stepped out gently, and stepped in front of the smiling Lu Wushuang. Brother Xiao, Mrs. Xiao, it's really you! Lu Wushuang's dark skin turned a little white, which surprised Guo Fu. She smiled like a flower. Ebullient. How does the matchless sister know that we are coming? Guo Fu also called her by her husband's name. His curious eyes were still looking at the matchless face of the landing, and his skin was delicate and white, as if he had changed from the previous one. Lu Wushuang took Guo Fu by the hand, squinted and said with a smile, "I heard the sound of the harp on the island, and I knew someone was coming. When I saw that your boat was so fast, I guessed that it was Brother Xiao.". No one else has such ability! "What happened to Sister Cheng?" Xiao Yuesheng's face changed slightly. He had just scanned the whole island and saw Cheng Ying. She was lying on the couch. Her face was as pale as paper. Her delicate eyebrows were slightly frowned. She was full of weak and delicate breath, which made people pity her. It was only when he could feel the anger on her body that he was relieved and had the heart to speak. For him, as long as there was a breath left, it was not worth worrying about. The smiling face of Lu Wushuang suddenly sank, and his smile became reluctant. Then sadness welled up on his cheeks, with a slight sob: "Cousin, she.." She's sick! "Sick?" How is your condition? Guo Fuwei Zheng, then hurriedly asked, delicate and beautiful face, heavy expression, only look at Lu Wushuang's expression, we know Cheng Ying is very ill. Lu Wushuang shook his head. The sea breeze was blowing,temperature scanning kiosks, his hair was a little disheveled, and his eyebrows were covered with melancholy and melancholy. "I don't know what the disease is. It's always not good or bad. I'm in a daze all day. I can't get off the couch. My cousin has been lying on the couch for more than a month!" Alas, I'm worried to death! 。 hsdtouch.com