The Cold President's Divorced Bride

"Tong Tianwei, don't think I dare not, just that punch I hit


"Tong Tianwei, don't think I dare not, just that punch I hit for Ziteng," Liu Haoyu said this, the hand clenched into a fist, and then "bang" a punch hit the past, at this time Tong Tianwei's mouth has oozed blood. Guan Yueqin watched her son being punched twice and shouted anxiously, "Who are you? Be careful that we will sue you.". Liu Haoyu sneered, "I dare to stand here and hit him, so I'm not afraid of this." Tong Tianwei, you listen carefully, just now this punch is my own hit you, if you dare to do this to Ziteng, I will take her away at all costs. "He piled up this sentence and left, while all the people present looked at Tong Tianwei, and his eyes added a layer of indescribable emotion." Tianwei, are you all right? Let's go to see a doctor quickly. "Guan Yueqin looked at Tong Tianwei's eyes in a daze, a little anxious." Mom, it's all right. "After saying this, he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, pushed open the door of the ward and went in.". Sitting in front of the hospital bed, he held Ye Ziteng's hand, "Ziteng, I won't let anyone take you away, no," Tong Tianwei murmured to her, as if to himself. Tong Tianwei held her hand until it was dark. 09 4 Wounds that don't heal Tong Tianwei got up and turned on the light in the ward, and the white in the room looked a little dazzling in the light. Before Zi Teng came, he had always liked the night, but Ye Teng brought sunshine to his world, but now her world is dark, and he put out her lamp. "Sir, please leave, we have to change her dressing," the nurse's voice interrupted his thoughts and reminded him to leave. Dressing change? She didn't suffer any trauma. Why did she change the dressing? Tong Tianwei knew she was in a coma with a high fever, but he didn't know why she wanted to change the dressing. Don't you know that your wife's feet are badly abraded? The nurse was somewhat disgusted with his question, but such a handsome man did not know how to cherish his wife, which greatly discounted his image in their hearts. Sole Abrasion? Tong Tianwei repeated these four words. Then he remembered that she had walked for four hours yesterday. Her feet must be unbearable. She remembered that her feet were swollen after walking for half an hour from the seaside last time. See for yourself. "The nurses removed the gauze wrapped around her feet. This time they didn't let him leave according to the rules. They wanted him to see her injuries.". See the blood-red blisters have been broken, the whole soles of the feet look like rotten, and some places are still oozing blood, Tong Tianwei closed his eyes with heartache, he could not bear to see. Seeing his reaction, the two nurses smiled contemptuously. They treated her wound neatly and changed it into clean gauze. Thank you, "Tong Tianwei said these words sincerely." Take good care of her, "the two nurses heard his thanks and could not blame him any more.". Tong Tianwei stayed by her side all the time. Before going to bed, he washed her face and wiped her hands with warm water. It was the first time in his life that he had done such a thing, but he was willing to do it. Qiao Xinyi stood outside the door, looking at Tong Tianwei some clumsy movements, her heart is not very taste, pietra gray marble ,Marble Projects, think if they no longer appear, perhaps they are very happy, she destroyed all this. Tong Tianwei turned around and saw Qiao Xinyi. He nodded awkwardly at her. "Come in." Is she not awake yet? Qiao Xinyi looked at the leaves on the bed, the heart is also very uncomfortable, after all, she is only 20 years old, experienced these setbacks, like her age, is happy with Tong Tianwei. Remembering their happiness, she glanced up at Tong Tianwei, who now had only leafy vines in his eyes. Tianwei, what happened to your face? Qiao Xinyi found that his face was bruised and swollen, and she reached out to touch it. Tong Tianwei avoided, he knew that although Ye Ziteng is still unconscious, but she must be able to feel, he can not let her heartache. His evasion made Qiao Xinyi's hand stop in the air, and he could only say to her, "I'm sorry.". Qiao Xinyi shook her head bitterly and did not speak. Tong Tianwei looked at the quiet leaf vine, "I hurt her like this, I thought she was just a moment of willfulness, so I didn't care about her, but I didn't think.." There was too much self-reproach in his soft voice. Tian Wei, don't blame yourself too much. Zi Teng will get better. "Qiao Xinyi can only comfort him like this." Well, she will, "Tong Tianwei knew that she would not leave her, because her grievance had not been vented to him, how could she not wake up?"? Tong Tianwei reached out and brushed the hair on her forehead. Qiao Xinyi had never seen the tenderness in his eyes. She knew that his heart had been completely given to the girl in front of him. Tianwei, I'm leaving. "Qiao Xinyi dropped this sentence and left the hospital, because she could no longer see his tenderness, which made her heart hurt and hurt.". Looking at the back of her hasty departure, Tong Tianwei has some helplessness, between these two people, he is doomed to hurt one. This night, Tong Tianwei lay beside her and slept well, because he kept holding her hand. When the morning sun shone in, Tong Tianwei opened his eyes, but Ye Ziteng was still asleep, but her face was not as pale as it was yesterday. Zi Teng, get up, "Tong Tianwei bent over her forehead and imprinted a deep kiss.". Leaving her face and seeing that he still did not respond, he was a little disappointed. Every time he kissed her in the morning before, she would bow her head shyly. He liked the way she looked at that time. Zi Teng, don't sleep, will you wake up? I know I was wrong, "Tong Tianwei wanted to wake her up in this way.". But she was still asleep, the sunshine outside the window no longer attracted her, and her injuries made her reluctant to wake up. "Mr. Tong, your wife's condition is not good, according to her condition, according to the time of her coma, this time she should wake up," the doctor said to Tong Tianwei unoptimistically. What does that mean? What do you mean you should wake up? Tong Tianwei lost his cool. Mr. Tong, don't get excited. In her case,Agate Slabs For Sale, the patient usually has the consciousness that he doesn't want to wake up, which is also very difficult for us to do, the doctor explained.


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