Sweeping the world

The Romans rarely played with bows, but with javelins


The Romans rarely played with bows, but with javelins and throwing bullets. So the distance of the Roman long-range attack weapons is really short, can see the Han army crossbow can launch so far, at least two hundred meters farther than the Persian longbow, is really fear and envy. Not only the Romans, but all the people from other countries, for the first time, they saw nearly 20,000 long-range troops firing in turn, and the main thing was that the range was too long, the frequency was not so slow, and they subconsciously thought about what would happen if their own army met this situation. The crossbow bolt of Cerys has a strong armor-piercing effect. Flavius did his best to find out: "There is no Persian longbow to compare with." Once upon a time, and now, the Roman legions are advancing against Persian longbowmen. There is trouble, but there is really not much trouble. "I never want to see the legion advancing with a crossbow bolt," Ulian said subconsciously. Chapter 875 slow-paced war. Twenty thousand crossbowmen a round of salvo is twenty thousand crossbow arrows, ten rounds of salvo is two hundred thousand crossbow arrows. Han army has more than crossbow soldiers, there are a considerable number of archers, whether crossbow soldiers or archers, a war can not only have ten rounds of salvo,inflatable water slide, if not strong enough to explain the national strength, don't want to be equipped with too many crossbow troops, or even equipped with also can't support the consumption of arrows. Modern ammunition has the word "base", each different caliber of ammunition base is different, the larger the caliber of ammunition, the smaller the number of each base. The "arrows" in the age of cold weapons are also different, generally divided into light arrows and heavy arrows. Light arrows mainly tend to have the advantage of range,inflatable bounce house with slide, not to say that they are really light arrows, but they are lighter than heavy arrows. Its arrowhead will be ordinary style, and the shaft will not be fastidious. Generally, bamboo is preferred as the shaft, and then some lighter wood is used to make the shaft. Heavy arrows, the heaviest arrows are heavy arrows with metal all over, but most people can't afford to play with heavy arrows with metal. Another kind of heavy arrow is to choose good wood to make the shaft, and then match the three-edged arrowhead. Choosing good wood as the shaft is to ensure the shooting accuracy, and installing the three-edged arrowhead is of course to have the armor-piercing ability. There are more exquisite differences, for example, in the tail of the arrow feather style, different styles of feathers have a great impact on the arrow, the more exquisite feathers are more accurate. So the same is the arrow but there are so many different fastidious, if the national strength is not good, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, how to do? Even if you can do it, how much can you store. This directly reflects the difference between a big country and a small country. There are many kinds of arrows in a big country, and the storage capacity is also full. Not to mention the style, the quantity of a small country is not much. There is no need to say too much about the importance of arrows in the age of cold weapons. The arrow array layout of the Han army is very exquisite, how many people form a salvo unit, each unit in turn salvo, and distinguish between crossbow soldiers and archers. Crossbowmen have a longer range and are used to cover enemy troops (enemy camps) from a long distance. The archers have a short range, and they want to aim at the enemy's possible approach out of the camp. Temporary stage, the Han army crossbow soldiers happily round and round of salvo, a three there is no camp. Perhaps the crossbowman's volley was considered enough, and the volley stopped. A part of the Han army team was ordered to approach a three camp, they did not manipulate the tight formation, on the contrary, is scattered into a loose formation, not many people are very long. It looks so disgusting over there. Helena was talking about the camp where a San was repeatedly covered by crossbow arrows: "It was so dense that I felt sick." Trypophobia is not something that only modern people can do, but it is a rejection and nausea of things that look dense, especially the "dots" that are regularly arranged but densely packed. A San's camp was repeatedly covered by crossbow arrows, and any place where the arrowheads could be nailed was full of arrows. From the perspective of the Han army side in the past, was nailed full of crossbow a three camp is one after another dense "point", the high degree of density is to make there become a "long" full of an artificial species called crossbow. Has been approaching the Han army has been close to a three camp within a hundred meters, the camp is not any movement. When they got within 100 meters, they began to trot, and when they got within 30 meters, they changed to a charge posture. The army of Cyris. Flavis looked at the crossbow troops of the Han army who were replenishing the crossbows: "a crossbow soldier is equipped with an auxiliary soldier, who is specially designed to help load the arrows." Not all the range of the crossbow can reach more than five hundred meters, the Han army is currently used in the Qin Dynasty have pout crossbow, a crossbow soldier configuration of two pout crossbow, don't have to go to the work of pulling the string with arrows, is given to the auxiliary. At this time, the infantry moved to the front of the crossbowmen. The infantry were arrayed, and at the command of the officer, they began to advance slowly, followed by ready crossbowmen and archers. Responsible for testing a three camp of the Han army, they have rushed into the camp for a little while, has not been a signal to the rear, has to be deep until encounter resistance will report to the rear. The camp is full of crossbow arrows, if you want to walk, you need to constantly sweep away the crossbow arrows, otherwise you can't move at all. Under the cover of the high-intensity arrow array, the camp was full of three soldiers who had been killed by arrows. There were too many holes in their bodies that had been shot by arrows. The speed of bleeding was very fast. Not long after they died, their bodies were already pale. The amount of blood so that the Han army boots into the camp were dyed red, the viscosity of the blood is very high, also make the soles of the boots constantly stick to a layer of mud, the smell of blood into the nose is beyond imagination. Coverage has been completely cleared. Cui Shouren looked at the battle report from the front and continued to report: "There are nearly four thousand enemy corpses in the camp. It is impossible to judge from the corpses whether they were shot directly or died in other ways." When the Han army came over, three but put out the appearance of the battle array,Jumping castle with slide, the front of the camp is full of close combat infantry, slightly behind the position is also full of archers. The tragedy is that the long-range weapons of the Han army is really too far and too sharp, a three hard against the Han army twenty thousand crossbow soldiers four rounds of salvo choose to retreat. joyshineinflatables.com