The best-selling Rosin Press , Super Black Friday Sale!

Super Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale! Automatically give every order a 32% discount!


Super Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale! Automatically give every order a 32% discount!

Let me introduce to you a few very good rosin press for sale sold on our website recently: heated aluminum plates.

Next, I would like to recommend two products around this type:

1.ECO Farm Rosin Press Plate Kit 3*5/3*7 Inch Rosin Heat Press Dual Heater Kit


- ECO Farm rosin press plates kit is light, strong, and own excellent heat transfer to achieve a better working result.
- Heat plates are made by aluminum, light but heavy-duty use heating.
- Thick heating plates make sure high pressure for work.
- Electric enail temperature control box with a heating rod.
- Fast heating and time setting available, LCD Digital controller shows clearly.

2.ECO Farm 3x5 Inch Heat Rosin Press Plates Kit With Controller Box Dual Heating Rods


ECO Farm 3x5 inch heat press plates kit owns single layer temperature controller. Light and strong 6061 aluminum is applied for heating plate for excellent heat transfer, thus reaching better working result. It is applicable with any hydraulic press up to 20T 2" diameter ram or less. Pairable with A or H frame presses.
Comes with a full kit. 2 heating rods, 1 double PID controller, dual heaters, dual temperature sensors, 1 power cord, mounting screws and a wrench.

Controller Five Control Optional:
0. One alarm relay.
1. Relay contact PID output.
2. One alarm relay output; SSR all the way non-contact level PID output.
3. One alarm relay output; SSR-level all the way back to poor control output.
4. Backlash relay control output.

The above are a few products that I have introduced to you. If you are interested or want to learn more about rosin press, you can visit our official website: