Ayurveda Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

According to research, this problem is seen in men above 40 years of age.


Sexual problems are known as erectile dysfunction. This is a common sexual problem for men. As the age increases, this problem increases in men. According to research, this problem is seen in men above 40 years of age. When men cannot maintain an erection for a long time during intercourse or cannot generate sexual excitement, then in a medical language it is called erectile dysfunction. Filagra pill is useful for solving this problem.

This problem can be due to the sign of heart disease. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately after noticing this problem. If you do not do this, there may be trouble in your sexual relationship, due to which there may be a distance between husband and wife.

Ayurveda medicine is better for treating sexual problems. With the use of this medicine, its side effects are almost zero. The article written here has given information about some Ayurveda medicine with the help of which your problem of sexual life will be solved and the partner will also be satisfied.


Shilajit is a great remedy for erectile dysfunction. Because it helps to increase sexual arousal during intercourse. Also protects against weakness that occurs during intercourse.

Tongkat Ali:

It is popularly known as the Viagra of Asia and has been used by men for a long time. It is made from the roots of trees in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is also used to increase the desire for sex and sexual activity.


This Ayurveda medicine has properties to increase sex drive during intercourse, as well as to generate energy in the body and induce good sleep. Ashwagandha increases sperm count.


One of the reasons for the problem of erectile dysfunction is the weakness of the body. It removes the weakness in the body and helps in increasing immunity. Chyavanprash is a combination of herbs that can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.