The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven

The future development of this young man with great luck is absolutely limitless! Not necessarily inferior to that Jun Moye! 。


For no other reason, as soon as the rejuvenation comes out, no matter whether the injured can be saved or not, the performer will inevitably spend a lot of life yuan, and may even die on the spot because of the exhaustion of life yuan! Cao Guofeng said with a smile, "I've lived for more than a thousand years, but I still haven't lived enough. But I can't bear to see such a peerless genius destroyed in front of me!"! The three holy places can be jealous of the virtuous and capable, in order to nip in the bud on the killer, but the old man will never do such a thing! Those who are greedy for life are not necessarily afraid of death! With that, he grabbed the wrist of the young man in his arms and continuously and unreservedly transported his pure and extreme Xuanqi into it. This has the "ethereal constitution" of the dying young man, nature is Jun Moxie Jun big young master, at the moment, Jun big young heart, is mixed feelings. Cao Guofeng's wholehearted care made Jun Moye feel guilty. Because Cao Guofeng is so sincere for his own life and death, but he is using this to deceive him. Although Cao Guofeng's fundamental purpose is still for the ethereal house, Jun Moye still feels that his behavior is somewhat despicable. While Cao Guofeng performed the rejuvenation technique, Jun Moye clearly felt the rapid passage of Cao Guofeng's own vitality. With a sigh in his heart, he quietly reversed the creation of heaven, and sent back the vitality of Cao Guifeng with a peculiar method of air reflux. In this way, it was forced into the air first, and then wrapped in the power of creation,Lamella Plate Settler, it penetrated into Cao Guofeng's body. Although the speed is a little slower, not as fast as Cao Guofeng's output, but the victory is safe and will not be detected. Moreover, the power of life source, which has been processed by the power of creation, will be more tenacious. Therefore, Cao Guofeng, who is desperate to perform the forbidden art,Rotating sludge scraper, has benefited from it, and Shouyuan has a considerable length. Jun Moye also felt a little relieved in his heart: "At least in this way, I have compensated you somewhat.". It won't make you lose everything. As for the future enemy or friend, in the future, I will try not to hurt you! Jun Moye closed his eyes and said secretly in his heart. For the sake of Dugu Xiaoyi and Guan Qinghan, I have no way. Because if you ask for it directly, you will never give it. What I need is not a small amount. Please let me be selfish for once! I'm sorry! Jun Moye had always been self-centered and selfish before, and he did not know how many things he had done, but only this time, when Cao Guofeng did not hesitate to use his own vitality to renew his life, he felt a shock, a heartfelt shock. If Cao Guofeng is killed in a face-to-face decisive battle, Jun Moye will not feel guilty at all, even if Cao Guofeng is a saint. Take another step back, rapid sand filters ,rapid sand filters, if really seriously injured, there is also understandable, but now. He's not hurt.. A man's conscience is a wonderful thing. A cold-blooded person like me can have such complicated emotions. Jun Moye gave a wry smile in his heart and said silently. Seeing Cao Guofeng's continuous output of his own mysterious spirit and the continuous emergence of a vast expanse of white smoke on his head, Bai Qifeng could not help frowning and said, "Elder brother, I'm afraid this matter still needs to be considered. This ideal successor with an ethereal constitution is certainly rare, but is it really worthwhile for us to take such a big risk for him?"! Now that the enemy has sent him here half dead, it is not necessarily without any other major plot! Not to mention anything else, if this son has just destroyed the mind before, even if the body is saved by the treasure of this house, but the mind may not be able to save! If you save a fool, even if he has an ethereal constitution, so what? This section, however, must be guarded against and must be guarded against. Master Jun, who pretended to be seriously injured, scolded in his heart, "Bastard, you are a fool, and your whole family is a fool!"! Wait for this young master to pour out kung fu, must make you this old boy into a fool, dare to arrange your young master me like this! Cao Guofeng smiled, but shook his head faintly without saying a word. "Eldest brother, put aside that statement just now, just say that I have exhausted a lot of Xuanqi for this son to continue." If the enemy sets up an ambush on the way again, not only will this son lose his life, but also seven of our brothers. There is also the possibility of being buried in the middle. Is this shop too big a bet? When Bai Qifeng saw that he could not move, he became even more anxious. There are really too many doubtful points in this sudden incident. It is not up to Bai Qi to think too much. Just imagine, the ethereal constitution is hard to find from ancient times. How rare is it? But the enemy can have the heart to make it into this virtue and send it back. Had it not been for a considerable plot, would it have been so? What if this is a trap.. Then the consequences are really unimaginable! "You're absolutely right!" Cao Guofeng finally opened his mouth slowly: "Everything in front of us is clearly a trap!"! In this section, I have just figured it out. But this trap is another trap that we have to jump into! Even if we know that after jumping in, we will have a narrow escape from death or even death, we will jump down! ” He smiled faintly and said, "For thousands of years since the establishment of the Ethereal Mansion, there have been many talented people and talented practitioners, but the owner of such an ethereal constitution is still unprecedented.". This restriction has greatly limited the development of our fantasy house. Especially now that the outside world has coincidentally produced an evil monarch, Jun Moye! Qifeng, our generation, even if the ambition is still there, but it is difficult to hide the fact that the old, where there is more hope? But Huan Fu still has to exist, but also, through the ages, everlasting! Cao Guofeng said here, Bai Qifeng had wanted to persuade again, but finally did not say it, just a deep sigh,MBR reactor, head down. And the young man in front of us is the hope of our future! The terror potential of the ethereal constitution is incomparable, and I believe that this teenager must have had another adventure before, and can keep the ethereal constitution that disappeared if he did not meet a famous teacher in his childhood until now! It even laid a very solid foundation for Xuanqi. What does all this mean? You and I both know that! The future development of this young man with great luck is absolutely limitless! Not necessarily inferior to that Jun Moye! 。