Cohabitation of beautiful women in online games

The future development of this young man with great luck is absolutely limitless! Not necessarily inferior to that Jun Moye! 。


They are all good things. There is no need to mention it if you hit them so carelessly. Vitality strengthening is a life-saving thing. Although it only improves a little HP, mosquitoes are small meat. The last two are really good things, reducing the monster's defense, and the other is group attack skills. Unfortunately, Shi Zhongyu opened his burden and looked at it. He only had five silver coins and could not afford more at all, so he only bought two skill books. Good repair equipment is not waste money, stone jade in addition to iron chicken knife, other equipment is almost not touched by the monster, spent a silver coin to repair the equipment, the remaining one silver coin, bought two bottles of blue medicine, and Cangya three of them will continue to practice. Shi Zhongyu can't wait to come to a demonized rabbit, hit start, 60. Blood-red blast mercilessly stimulated the eyeballs of several people, Cangya all looked at Shi Zhongyu jealously, thinking, the same occupation, the same skills, why is the gap so big? And I'm one step ahead of him. Immersed in the excitement of super-high damage, Shi Zhongyu did not care that the demonized rabbit had hated him. He was kicked by the demonized rabbit. Yueyue hurriedly pulled back the HP of Shi Zhongyu with a treatment. Shi Zhongyu learned skills, the cooperation between several people is also more tacit understanding, efficiency is naturally higher, now Shi Zhongyu also finally understand why Cangya almost do not put skills, simply can not afford to put ah, skills are too waste blue. Shi Zhongyu changed all his savings into two bottles of blue medicine, which were gone in a few minutes. It is estimated that Cangya sponsored all the money to his wife and sister to buy blue. At the same time, Shi Zhongyu also thought of several MMs in the studio, in addition to their snow and frost smoke is a scout, the other are all mage professions, must also be quite waste blue? Do not know how they mix, do not know enough money to learn skills, enough money to buy blue medicine. Two hours later, Shi Zhongyu rose to level seven,disc air diffuser, and the three of them also rose to level eight. After Shi Zhongyu added attribute points, he was about to show his ambition, but the system prompted that someone called him. Don't even think about it. It must be a few beauties in the studio who had dinner with him. Brother Cangya, I'm going to eat first, and I'll continue later. Shi Zhongyu said. Ok, let's play for a while, and then it will be off. Tonight, I have something to do, so I guess I won't play the game. See you tomorrow. Cang Ya laughed. After several people add friends to each other, Shi Zhongyu left the game, Shi Zhongyu a little regret, tonight can not be with the beauty of the month. However, thinking that there are four beautiful women waiting for him outside, his heart suddenly became very good. After taking off the game helmet, there is no one in the room, Shi Zhongyu is depressed, fine bubble diffuser ,wall penstocks, is the system wrong? Or did a fly or something step on the call button on the game helmet? However, seeing that his door was open, Shi Zhongyu confirmed that the game helmet was not broken, but that the girls were busy, called for a while, and left without waiting for him to come out. Shi Zhongyu lit a cigarette, came to the living room, no one, strange, this is what is going on? When I came to the kitchen, I finally saw two lovely young girls in the same clothes working in the kitchen. Come here and help peel the garlic. Said Xiang Lan. Shi Zhongyu looked at the two of them helplessly and said, "I won't." The twin sisters were speechless for a while, and they couldn't do such a simple thing. What would you do? Asked Xiang Lan. About the kitchen, how could I? Do you want me to help cook when you call me out? Shi Zhongyu doesn't feel ashamed at all. Forget it, don't count on you, you go upstairs to call them out! Said to Lin. That's not good, is it? He's a man! Xiang Lan stopped him. Then I'll go. You're busy here alone. Xiang Lin, Tao. No, how can I be busy here alone? Let Shi Zhongyu go. Said Xiang Lan. Shi Zhongyu is very speechless, what is this, get me out of the game just to run errands? Alas, working is a hard life ah, asked about the snow smoke and Ji Ruyue's room, Shi Zhongyu began the first trip upstairs. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 10 Lace Edge Came to Ji Ruyue's room, Shi Zhongyu very politely knocked on the door, there was no response inside, Shi Zhongyu himself played the game, naturally also know that in the game is not to hear any sound outside, so to Lan or to Lin called him out of the game, every time is to break in. Shi Zhongyu twisted the doorknob and opened it. Ji Ruyue did not lock the door, probably because it was estimated that Shi Zhongyu had no possibility of going up to the second floor at all. Pushing the door and entering, the villa belongs to the edge of the villa area, and Ji Ruyue's window is not far from the fence, and then far away is the expressway, probably because there is no need to worry about being peeped, so the curtains in the room have never been closed. The sunset glow draped over her body, and she couldn't help being dazzled. Ji Ruyue, wearing only short pajamas, revealed the tender skin that the Creator admired, and seemed to have some kind of brilliance flowing. The sunset glow outlined her undulating body curve like mountains and rivers, and every detail was perfect and suffocating. Shi Zhongyu walked to Ji Ruyue's side, sexy underwear did not wrap her thighs, Shi Zhongyu swallowed saliva, breathing unconsciously a little hurried, eyes were completely attracted to her slender legs like works of art, snow-white thighs in the dusk is particularly eye-catching. Shi Zhongyu couldn't help stretching out his hand, and when he touched the beautiful legs, his heart trembled, soft and boneless. Ji Ruyue, who was immersed in the game, was being kicked by a demonized rabbit on her thigh. She felt some pain. Suddenly, there was a strange feeling, as if she had been electrocuted. At first,lamella tube, she didn't feel anything. She just thought it was the special effect brought by the demonized rabbit. But gradually, she felt wrong, as if someone was touching her thigh.