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Ye Zijing asked again, "Well, why did Wang Changgong grant this piece of land to Boss Xiong's New World Company again?" 。


I wrote a note to the hospital, explaining that Xiaofang's medical expenses would be paid by Chongyuan County Police Station, and asked Zidie to sign, while I signed as a guarantor. As the saying goes, "It is better not to be a middleman, a guarantor, or a matchmaker for three generations." Being a middleman, a guarantor, or a matchmaker is a thankless task. I hope that I will not be burdened with debts. However, if it can be confirmed that the villagers of Longdong Village are indeed poisoned by heavy metals, rather than the so-called curse of mountain ghosts, I think the Secretary of the county Party committee will not be stingy with this money! After all, Longdong Hospital can lose hundreds of thousands of yuan a year. After settling Xiaofang, Zidie and I immediately rushed to the technical team to find Yuetong and asked her to help test the water samples obtained from the Longhe River. However, when she saw Zidie coming with me, she assumed the posture of an elder and said to me in all earnestness, "Ah Mu, you should be single-minded in love. You can't always be fickle.". You already have two girlfriends. Why do you always cheat people's feelings? I am said by her indescribably, ask: "I that come two girlfriends?"? Besides, Purple Butterfly came with me for work. Where do you want to go? She gave me a contemptuous look and taught me a lesson in the tone of an elder: "Don't think I don't know anything. I met Viagra yesterday and he told me everything.". You have seen the parents of Zhen,teardrop pallet racking, but also to cheat the little girl called Ann, but also let Zhen father saw, and Zhen after a quarrel. Isn't this your business trip just to avoid Zhen Zhen? Shit, Viagra must have done something to me about leaving his cell phone number with the gay bartender. However, Yuetong's IQ should not be so low, Viagra nonsense out of things, how can she believe it? I leaned close to her and whispered, "You did this on purpose." She whispered back,push back racking system, "So what if it's you?"? You just came in here holding hands. You think I can't see. We've only known each other for a day or two, and the efficiency is quite high! Just now Zidie said that she didn't know the way, and she was afraid that she would get separated from me, and our mobile phones were broken, so once we got separated, we would not do it. So she took the initiative to let me hold her hand, did not expect to let Yuetong see. I think she should guess that the purple butterfly is more or less interested in me! "What do you want?" I asked helplessly. It's nothing. I just like a dress and want someone to give it to me. It's not very expensive. You don't need a thousand yuan. When she smiles, she has the style of Sun Er-niang when she opened a black shop. Isn't this a robbery? I'm starting to break out in a cold sweat. This is blackmail. Look at what you're doing as a cop. "Can I get a discount?" "It's already discounted, and you won't think it's expensive if you look at Lang Ping." I looked at Lang Ping's desk and found Zidie standing beside the desk, picking up the white paper on the printer and pinching it into a ball, falling into the waste paper basket, and then pinching another one. I thought I saw a purple flame on her body. Lang Ping, like me, sweated like rain. I have no choice but to surrender to Yuetong, pallet rack shelving ,industrial racking systems, after all, I just made a guarantee for Xiaofang's medical expenses, if Zidie has the intention to kill me, I will have a lot of fun. But the price of surrender is also very high. Yuetong actually robbed my credit card and asked me to tell her the password. Then she told Lang Ping that she wanted to go out to do something and told him to help me test it. Then she pulled the purple butterfly away. Longevity Oh, my God, don't let her maxed out my card! After Yuetong left, Lang Ping patted me on the shoulder sympathetically and comforted me: "Don't worry, the captain has a sense of propriety. He will only brush you two or three thousand at most." Then he helped me to test the water of the Dragon River. After he was busy for a while, he showed me the report. Of course, I couldn't understand the meaning of the large number of figures in the report. Ask him directly then: "Does heavy metal contain in water?" "No, not only no, but also the water quality is very good, containing a lot of trace elements beneficial to human body.". If you have investment plans, you might as well consider setting up a drinking water plant or brewery there to ensure that you can make money. I was slightly surprised by his answer. But in retrospect, I drank a lot of river water when I was drowned last night, and now I don't feel any discomfort. However, there is no problem with the underground river, and where does the problem come from? The unusual diseases in Longdong Village are obviously selective, and now it is certain that the Longhe River is not the source of the disease, and the chance of transmission of venereal diseases is very small, so the only reasonable way is artificial poisoning. But is it possible for mountain ghosts to sneak into every villager's house with young women and poison them? If it is only three or five times, it may be possible, but the time is as long as 20 years, and the number of people poisoned is more than 100, so it is possible that the poisoning will not be discovered. The case is becoming more and more complicated and serious, because if the villagers are poisoned by drinking water from the Dragon River, then the mountain ghost has only committed two crimes of desecration of corpses and attempted murder, but if the villagers'strange illness is caused by his poisoning, then he has committed nearly a hundred murders. If that's the case, it's terrible. After discussing with Lang Ping for a while, she didn't come to any conclusion. Just as she was about to call Yuetong and ask her where she had abducted the purple butterfly, she came back with big bags and small bags. However, I only saw her come in, but I didn't see the purple butterfly, so I asked, "Where is the purple butterfly?"? You won't sell her, will you? "Oh, I'll take your card out and bring a lot of things back. Aren't you afraid I'll maxed out your card?" She smiled maliciously. I've already given in. Don't play with me again, will you? I said grumpily. The card is maxed out by several thousand. If something happens to Zidie, not to mention that Director Hua will kill me, Xiaofang's medical expenses alone are enough for me. Who knows if the medical expenses will be a bottomless pit. Look at your virtue. It's all right for you now. She said to put things aside, and then went out of the door as if pulling something, pulling for a while to pull the purple butterfly in. As soon as the purple butterfly came in, Lang Ping whistled, and I was stunned. Her original clothes were gone, replaced by perfectly cut long-sleeved shirts and impossibly short miniskirts. The shirt made her upper body curve flawless,radio shuttle racking, her chest was ready to come out, and the miniskirt made her slender legs perfectly exposed to the air, which could make people commit crimes just by looking at them.