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Ye Zijing asked again, "Well, why did Wang Changgong grant this piece of land to Boss Xiong's New World Company again?" 。


"Oh.". It seems that you also understand its value. Chiba Xun saw Ye Qiu refuse simply and said with a smile. Judging from your knowledge of psychic attacks, you do benefit from the ring. But its real value is far more than that. "You won't bother about that.". I will study it slowly. Ye Qiu turned the ring on his finger and said with a smile. Chiba Xun's mental barrier is so strong that Ye Qiu can't break through to spy on his brain at all. If I like something, I will get it myself. As he spoke, Chiba Xun's body suddenly pulled open, like a disc in a cassette, rows of remnants appeared in front of Ye Qiu's eyes, and countless Chiba Xun ran to Ye Qiu in a line. Swish! Come fast, go back faster. A silver light pierced the sky, and the knife was silent. But you can hear the hissing sound of a sharp blade cutting through the material. I do not know when, Ye Qiu's secret weapon has been in hand. Hold the sword in your right hand and stand against the wind. Nerves tense, eyes do not blink to stare at the opposite face of some stunned Chiba Xun. Interesting. That's really interesting. If I'm not mistaken, is that the magic sword of Tantrism in your hand? The supreme magic weapon of Tantrism has also fallen into your hands. What treasures do you have on your body? "That's both." Ye Qiu said. Come again. Chiba said, with his right foot as the axis, and then rotated quickly. Ye Qiu carefully found that when he spoke, his mouth did not wriggle, but his voice could be clearly transmitted into his ears. To be able to become the family of the three great adjudicators in heaven, there must be a secret skill that is not passed on. Ye Qiu knew that the trick he used was ventriloquism. Duan Yanqing, the father of the big lady-killer Duan Yu in "Tian Long Ba Bu", who is known as "full of evil", is also proficient in ventriloquism. It's just that people speak ventriloquism because they are physically disabled and can't speak normally. And why did he do it? The answer to the riddle will soon be revealed! With the help of a hard breath in his body, Chiba's body turned faster and faster. Countless shadows were pulled out by him, true and false,heavy duty cantilever racks, false and true, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish. Ye Qiu blinked his eyes, unable to recognize Chiba Xun's entity from the strong airflow. Eyes are not reliable. I can only trust my ears. Ye Qiu simply closed his eyes and pricked up his ears to listen quietly. The ears are more reliable than the eyes in the battle between the masters. Because the eyes will deceive you, if the speed is too fast, the retinal image is too slow, it will give people a false impression. Ears don't, if you can tell the difference between real and fake. Whoosh! The tornado created by Chiba Hoon suddenly began to move, and the target was Ye Qiu, who was standing still. Ye Qiu's ears moved, but he did not immediately turn around and run away. Tighten the sword in his hand, ready to find a gap to give him a fatal blow. Without a sound. Ye Qiu's body was involved in the air current. The air then spirals upward. Wrapped in the bodies of Chiba Xun and Ye Qiu. The unique knowledge of the Chiba family, heavy duty metal racking ,industrial racking systems, the energy wave of abdominal qi. The "Qi" of the body itself reacts with the airflow of nature to form an absolute realm of its own. Domain, the highest realm of martial arts It can determine people's lives and determine people's life and death. And now, Ye Qiu is involved in the Chiba Xun domain. The tornado was still whirling and howling inside, but no human voice could be heard. Spinning, spinning, Like a burst balloon, the air mass suddenly exploded in all directions. The image of the two people was like being thrown down from a high altitude, falling straight down to the mountains. Bang! The two men landed at the same time, and Ye Qiu staggered back a few steps before standing askew. Chiba Hoon stood steadily, but his legs trembled a little. Chiba's body and face were marked with knife marks, his clothes were cut to pieces, and even half of his left sleeve was cut off. The clothes on Ye Qiu's body will be complete. But his face was pale, and the corners of his mouth were red with blood. As soon as they compared, it was Ye Qiu who suffered a great loss. Give me the ring and I won't kill you. Said Chiba Hoon, holding out his hand. His body was scratched in a mess by Ye Qiu. He was still able to maintain his dashing demeanor. Come and get it yourself. Ye Qiu wiped the blood stains on the corners of his mouth and said with a sneer. This time, he really did his best. In the past, when he fought with others, he always intentionally left some strength. On the one hand, in order to stay in school to save their lives, on the other hand, because the opponent is too weak. But today we have met an unprecedented strong enemy. This bastard is estimated to eat a lot of tonic pills, young age has made such achievements, Ye Qiu has always felt that he is a talent, did not expect to meet a genius today. If people are more than people, they will die. You should know that you are no match for me now. And I don't want to kill you. Chiba Hoon looked at Ye Qiu and said. I just need the ring. "I need it, too." Ye Qiu said. The heart is some sigh, afraid is really going to die here today. No matter what, he can't give the ring to anyone else. Ye Qiu is not the kind of man who is desperate for dignity and face, but for the ring on his hand, he must insist once. Everyone has a bottom line, and this ring is his bottom line. I hope Ye Hu will feel it soon. I'm afraid I really can't hold on. Ye Qiu thought expectantly in his heart. Chiba Xun saw that Ye Qiu was not moved and began to approach him step by step. Wait, "a cold and emotionless voice came.". Cristino, dressed in the most beautiful court dress, walked up to the top of the hill and stopped him. Chiba Xun did not expect Cristino to intervene at this time, secretly worried. His face was calm and he said with a smile, "What's the matter?"? Is Sister Cristino finally trying to strangle her? Do you want to see Atlantis and the Chiba family goods, and the Dragon family alone? Cristino said coldly,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "I just have a gift for Ye Qiu." Don't wait for Chiba Hoon to agree. Cristino had gone straight to Ye Qiu. Dark well to stand in front of him, looking at his pale face, the heart was a little sad. This feeling is familiar. But I can't remember when it happened.