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Ha-ha That more than a dozen big fellow, see Xiao Yan such a move, first stunned, immediately also guffaw,Magnesium Sulphate price, but in their laughter just fell, more than a dozen people's body suddenly strange solidification, immediately.. "Bang!"! Boom! 。


Ji Yunyue had already parked his car and walked over. He saw Zeng Ziqing standing at the door in her thin coat. "Ziqing, it's windy outside. Let's go back to bed.". You have worked hard these two days. Next, I'll give you a holiday. Don't worry, I won't give you a job during the holiday. Just when Ji Yunyue felt that she would thank herself for being so generous, she looked at Zeng Ziqing's face like a dead fish and had some self-doubt. Two big men let Ceng Ziqing lie down to rest quickly, when she goes back, just discover Xu Qing's mobile phone is still on her bedside table. In fact, it's all right to let them meet, but will Xu Qing suddenly come out to annoy Ji Yunyue. After all, they just broke up. No, she has to help Xu Qing to get back Ji Yunyue's favorable impression! Let Qingqing go back first. The logical thinking of a hot-headed person is really beyond the understanding of ordinary people. Shu Su saw another bowl of porridge: "Drink porridge quickly." He reached out his hand and touched the edge of the bowl. "It's all cold. I'll cook porridge for you." Then he picked up the bowl and went to the kitchen. Ji Yunyue didn't seem to see the cell phone: "I'm going to the bathroom. Where is it?" Ceng Ziqing feels this is an opportunity: "I take you to go." Ji Yunyue smiled: "No, you tell probably, I can go myself." "No," said Tseng Tzu-ching, suddenly full of anger, "you're a guest. How can I guess?"! I must take you there. Ji Yunyue's smile suddenly stiffened: "." Fine Ceng Ziqing lives in the duplex floor, the bathroom is in the corner, Ceng Ziqing wants to give her cell phone to Xu Qing,Magnesium Oxide powder, but does not know which room she is hiding in. While Ji Yunyue was in the bathroom, she ran two floors, only to find that she came out of the toilet on the second floor. Xu Qing explained with a smile: "People have three urgent needs." She gave her cell phone: "Qing Qing, you go quickly, Ji Yunyue also came, you do not meet with him,Magnesium Sulphate producer, lest you sad." Xu Qing:.. But where is my bag? Zeng Ziqing patted her head and said, "I forgot.". I'll find a chance to give it to you later. Xu Qing could not help reminding her, "We have nothing to do. We don't have to make it like catching someone." Zeng Ziqing: "I really have nothing to do with you, but you have nothing to do with Ji Yunyue." She couldn't refute the logic. It took some time to cook porridge. Shu Su came out and saw her coming down from the second floor. He asked, "Why did you run up there? Don't run around when you are sick." Ceng Ziqing nods, suddenly little woman coquettish: "I listen to you." Shu Su sent Zeng Ziqing back to his room, and by the way, he took a look at the porridge and came out of the kitchen. I met Ji Yunyue. My dear fellow, don't blame me for not reminding you; I'll leave in a minute, and this is a chance for you to be alone. Shu Su pursed his lips and did not answer. Ji Yunyue knew he was hesitating: "Don't worry, I like to watch office romance." "No, you can't go. I, I don't know how to treat her. Anyway, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, you can't go." Ji Yunyue said helplessly, "Well, I'll go up to the second floor for a walk, and I'll leave when the situation is stable." Shu Su nodded. When I went in, I poured a glass of water. Ceng Ziqing lies back on the bed, Xu Qing's bag is hiding under her quilt! "Drink some water." Zeng Ziqing took it: "Lemonade?" Shu Su nods: "I see you often drink in the company, I just cut lemon slices directly, don't like it?" Ceng Ziqing nods mercilessly: "I like." After a few sips, she asked, "Where is Ji Yue?"? Haven't you been back for so long? Did you fall into the toilet? Shusu: "Oh, he went to the second floor." "What?!" Zeng Ziqing suddenly shouted, scaring Shu Su. Then she laughed: "Nothing, nothing on the second floor." After saying that, she immediately took out her cell phone and sent a message to Xu Qing. Shu Su also smiled: "Look at your reaction just now, I thought there was something secret on the second floor that people couldn't know." Ceng Ziqing looked up at his eyes and cooperated with him: "Yes, there is indeed a secret on the second floor." Shu Su: "What?" Zeng Ziqing: Guess. ” Shu Su: "… …" Can not keep up with the patient's logical thinking how to do, online for the answer, urgent! The author has something to say: Don't talk about logic with people who have a fever! Chapter 48 forty-eight. Xu Qing leaned on the railing and looked at the news of Zeng Ziqing. She was very speechless. Why did she hide from Ji Yunyue? Just about to go out in a big way, Zeng Ziqing came to WeChat again-don't be discovered by Ji Yue!!! Really? Be careful. With a sigh of helplessness, Xu Qing found a room beside the stairs to hide. Through the door, she could only hear the rustle of footsteps, until the footsteps seemed to be getting farther and farther away, when she poked her head out and found no one in a corridor. When she was about to go downstairs, she felt someone patting her on the back. The throat of fate was suddenly strangled. Xu Qing turned his head sideways, and sure enough, it was Ji Yunyue. Ji Yunyue smiled brightly: "Do you know that the toilet on the first floor is connected to the second floor? When I washed my hands, I turned on the cold water, but it became hot when I washed it.". But the faucet can't change by itself, so I came to see it. Harm! Xu Qing knew that she could not hide it, and there was nothing to hide. When Zeng Ziqing told her that Ji Yunyue had also come, she had a premonition that it would not work. But Ji Yunyue is still puzzled: "You come to see friends, what to hide?" Xu Qing was also very speechless: "Ziqing wanted to live with Shu Su, but Cheng Yaojin came out on the way." Ji Yunyue smiled. "I'm Cheng Yaojin. What are you, Xiuer?" Xu Qing: ".." Ji Yunyue: "Just in time. Let's go together." Xu Qing refused: "No." Ji Yunyue suddenly grabbed her left wrist and walked down. No matter how Xu Qing resisted, he was dragged away: "It's very wicked to destroy a marriage. Let's go." "Ji Yunyue, let go!" Approaching the first floor, Ji Yunyue reached out to cover Xu Qing's mouth, Xu Qing was still pointing fingers, focusing on the direction of Zeng Ziqing. Ji Yunyue's face shows that I understand everything. "Don't disturb people, be good,magnesium sulfate monohydrate," she said, breathing thin and warm in her ears. Xu Qing waved, she didn't mean that.