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How can you value a woman who lives in a place like this? Dinny took a deep breath and stared at his handsome face, which made her heart beat.


I can't figure out why Sun Yadong has to do this? This old friend, who claimed to support his work, not only did not support his work, but also made trouble for him! What the hell does he want? Is he against Jiang Chaolin and Wen Chunming, or against Gao Changhe? Is he under the direct leadership of Deputy Secretary Ma Wanli of the Provincial Party Committee or under the direct leadership of Gao Changhe? The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. Gao Changhe immediately called Lieshan and asked Sun Yadong to come back and report his work immediately. Sun Yadong, however, once again disobeyed orders. With a hoarse voice, he said that the working group of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission had arrived in Lieshan. He and his comrades were studying with the comrades of the working group. They really couldn't leave. They wanted Gao Changhe to have something to say on the phone. Gao Changhe was so angry that he said coldly, "Well, very well, Deputy Secretary Sun, you should study your work carefully."! However, let me remind you that I, Gao Changhe, am the secretary of the Pingyang Municipal Party Committee. It is absolutely not allowed to play tricks behind my back with the Municipal Party Committee. I don't care what reasons you have! In addition, I would like to remind you not to be emotional, to destroy the good situation in Pingyang, and to say less words that are not conducive to the unity of cadres in Pingyang, especially when it comes to Comrade Jiang Chaolin! Don't pour dirty water on innocent comrades! Then he hung up the phone. Sun Yadong's phone call immediately came over,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, not to check and apologize, but to get angry. He opened his mouth and asked: "Secretary Gao, what do you mean by your instructions just now?"? I really don't understand. After all, I am still Deputy Secretary of the Pingyang Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. Fighting corruption and advocating honesty is my job, but how can I work so hard? What do you mean by emotional? Who's emotional? I would like to ask: Lieshan Geng Zijing, these corrupt elements should not be placed on file for review? What does it have to do with Jiang Chaolin and the innocent comrades you mentioned? Did someone intercede with you? As for small tricks, I must declare that the investigation of He Zhuoxiao of Pingyang Rolling Mill was carried out before you became the Secretary of Pingyang Municipal Party Committee. It can not be stopped by your Secretary Gao's order,304 stainless steel wire, because this person has economic problems, and now we have evidence. If you want to see it, I can ask the comrades of the Anti-Corruption Bureau to make a special report to you with evidence! Gao Changhe was taken aback. He was stupefied for a long time before he asked, "Is He Zhuoxiao's economic problem conclusive?" Sun Yadong said with emotion: "If it is not true, isn't it really a trick?" Gao Changhe thought for a moment and then asked, "Is the nature serious?" Sun Yadong asked in reply, "Secretary Gao, do you still want to protect this He Zhuoxiao?" Gao Changhe said carefully: "There is a special situation, the merger negotiations between the Flat Rolling Mill and Dongfang Iron and Steel Group will begin soon, and can not be delayed any longer.". He Zhuoxiao has always been the director and party secretary of the flat rolling mill. He has had many contacts with Dongfang Iron and Steel Group. Mayor Wen and I also hope that he will do some work in this regard. Sun Yadong was even more unhappy: "Secretary Gao, there is no one else in the rolling mill except He Zhuoxiao?"? Niu Qianli, the deputy director of the factory, can't they do it? He Zhuoxiao's false reimbursement of medical expenses is a huge amount. It's not a violation of discipline, but an economic crime. If you and Mayor Wen insist on letting He Zhuoxiao continue to work, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, that's your business! Holding back his anger, Gao Changhe asked, "What's your opinion?" Sun Yadong asked grumpily, "What opinion can I have?"? I'll listen to whoever has a big mouth! Gao Changhe couldn't bear it any more: "Comrade Yadong, I'm talking about work with you. Don't be so emotional, OK?"! As you know, the situation of the rolling mill is the focus of the contradiction, and we must start to solve it. If the problem of He Zhuoxiao is only in the reimbursement of medical expenses, I think we should not move first, I am responsible for the problem! Here I would like to say: Comrade Sun Yadong, whether as an old friend or as Deputy Secretary of the Pingyang Municipal Party Committee, I hope you can understand me, support me, and don't always make trouble for me! Speaking of this, Sun Yadong still did not give in: "Secretary Gao, I know you have just taken office, the difficulties are not small, encountered many contradictions, I can understand you.". But I also ask you to understand me! Everyone knows that we should do a good job in combating corruption and building a clean government. In the past, Jiang Chaolin said at every meeting that now you are also shouting for support, but what about the actual situation? Blame at every turn! Secretary Gao, what did I do to you? Here, I assure you with my party spirit and personality that I, Sun Yadong, have never used the Lieshan issue to make any articles about Comrade Jiang Chaolin, let alone pour dirty water on any innocent Comrade! It was because I was afraid of problems that I personally went to Comrade Jiang Chaolin's home to announce the decision on the review of Geng Zijing. From the beginning to the end, I was respectful to Jiang Chaolin. Secretary Gao, if you find out which rumor is spread from me, you can dismiss me from my post and expel me from the Party! Gao Changhe could do nothing for Sun Yadong, so he had to sigh and said, "If you don't say anything, you can't stop your comrades who handle the case from saying anything.". Comrade Jiang Chaolin has been working in Pingyang for a long time and has worked hard. It is inevitable to offend some people. These people may take advantage of some specious news from you to attack Jiang Chaolin and other comrades. This complicates the problem and is bound to affect the work, including the normal anti-corruption work. Therefore, I suggest that you reiterate the discipline internally. If you find anyone who does not abide by the discipline and violates the principle of confidentiality, you should immediately carry out serious organizational treatment! In addition, Comrade Jinhua's report should be kept strictly confidential in order to avoid personal retaliation and attacks on her. Only then did Sun Yadong relax a little: "I will convey and implement your instructions today. If you, Secretary Gao, think it is beneficial to your work, I can also go to Comrade Jiang Chaolin to explain it face to face, still respectfully!" Gao Changhe said dejectedly: "Forget it, forget it. Comrade Jiang Chaolin is there. I'd better find time to explain. You should grasp the case of Lieshan with ease. You must grasp it firmly and carefully, and handle it into an iron case without leaving any sequelae." Putting down the phone, Gao Changhe felt so weak that he couldn't help being in a daze. Jiang Chaolin is right, Sun Yadong is right, but things are in a mess! Want to get angry and scold people,304 Stainless Steel Coil, but don't know who to get angry with and who to scold? What's more, that He Zhuoxiao really had a problem. Sun Yadong made a name for himself behind his back. He not only successfully challenged his leadership authority, but also pushed him to a very embarrassing position.