Wind and sand

Therefore, we must try our best to be prepared and not be fooled by him! Maybe Guan Ba Ye is right.


The setting sun reflected his figure, his footsteps were so heavy, as if every step down could crush the square bricks under his feet; a lot of distant worries were surging in the bottom of my heart. After the post of protecting salt and resisting tax was posted, I don't know how the situation on the dam was? After Wang Dagui swam across the river, I wonder if he has contacted the People's Army? These have to be put aside in front of us. How to deal with the four judges in front of us? How to protect the brothers of Liuhe Gang? In terms of gun fire, the salt basket out of the gun fire is still sufficient, in terms of guns, these ten box guns can not be compared with the four judges of Zhu! If Judge Zhu Si played tricks and pounced on the guns in turn, it would be the most troublesome thing for him. The eight hundred bandits forced a dozen or so guns of the Liuhe Gang and met their heads and faces in broad daylight. There was no coincidence. If we were even, one man would have to fight at least thirty or forty bandits, and the steel and iron bones would be melted! If Peng Laohan's people's army can't arrive in time, no matter how powerful the brothers of Liuhe Gang are, it's harder to win the fire than to climb the sky! The four judges have already grasped the hard cards, but they are not willing to light up. Perhaps he is too clever. He wants to save bullets and manpower. He wants to tie up the Liuhe Gang until he is exhausted. Then he is wrong! If he doesn't start again tonight, the people's army should stick to his backbone, drag down only the advantage of Liuhe Gang, which is as clear as spreading out the palm to see the lines. Being alone, I don't care about life and death. It's just that when the dam is in urgent need of help, I'm really unwilling to stay in this lonely place. Besides, watching this group of brothers in the gang, lying here fighting for life and death, and behind them,endless pool swim spa, by the gate of the home of those low houses with earthen walls, how many old mothers and sick wives are still looking forward to it?! In any case, he can't listen to them fall into the hands of the four judges. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Gale Sand 006 0 "Don't worry about us, Eighth Master." Lei Yipao saw what Eighth Master Guan was thinking and said in a loud voice, "We're going to go there and count it. No one's life is tied by a rope. Then again, if the defense forces attack the salt market at this moment, we, a dozen or so of Mao Men,Whirlpool bathtub, can hang him, Judge Zhu Si, so that he can't attack the defense forces at the same time. He'll die enough!" "Yes?" "That's what I ***ing mean," said Shi Er again. "I know the history of the defense forces. Sun Chuanfang fought against the Confederate army and pushed all his capital to the south of the Yangtze River to warm himself. There are a few gits in the camps in the rear." Perhaps that mouth could not be idle, and the second short man felt his teeth itching. As soon as he spoke, he gushed down like a big river. As he spoke, he somehow pulled on the head of the duck egg. "I know exactly how many hairs there are on the duck's head," he said. "That jerk is full of sour gas! Earlier, in the market in the northern part of our hometown, a pickpocket was caught eating people on the spot. He stripped off his clothes, twisted his arms and hung them on the pillars at the intersection of the street. He was as fat as a pig and was whipped. "It's better than what you did in Wanjialou, the salted duck floating in the water." The big black bear in the front room interrupted out of thin air and said, "Don't mess up my son there!" "*** you!"! Later, I said, he quit being a pickpocket and went to work as a thief. The first time he stole someone else's cow, endless swim spa ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, he lost the wind. There was no man at home in that family, only the sister-in-law. The duck's egg head dug into the house. As soon as it reached into his head, he ate someone's click and made the cow bracelet lock his neck. He was buckled all night. Two days later, the sister-in-law led him to climb all over the village. The sister-in-law followed with a whip and pulled his butto With a whip, he knocked on his head all the way and begged, 'Aunt, Grandmother, you can spare me this time, and I won't dare to do it again..' ” Shi Er, the dwarf, ignored the sniping, and as he spoke, he even imitated on the surface of the tile the virtue of being beaten with a duck's egg head. Just as he was sticking up his buttocks and stretching out his head, a bullet exploded the tiger-head tile at one end of the roof ridge. He was so frightened that he buried his head in the ditch. This time, he kowtowed so loudly that he broke two pieces of the tile. Wild laughter still burst out, on this blood-stained ground, the men of the Liuhe Gang were so happy for the first time. With Guan Ba Ye being so calm and resolute, and with Shi Er Dwarf being so humorous, although they were in danger, they were like swallowing a Wan Ning Dan. Think about it, like the duck egg head that kind of git plus cattail bag, unexpectedly also do the regimental commander to come, with his regiment, he also wants to take the salt market? It's a ***ing nightmare! Shi Er Dwarf said, "If he wants to take the salt market, he has to ask someone to help him. If he wants to, of course, he has to ask the bandits. Among the bandits in the north, Judge Zhu Si has the greatest momentum. If we can hold back the four judges here, we can hold back the defense forces. If we attack the salt market with the defense forces, as long as there are no four judges involved in the attack, it will naturally be easy to deal with."; In this way, even if we sell our lives, there will be nothing to care about! Guan Ba Ye nodded, still with his hands behind his back, walking in the square brick courtyard. The more these brothers thought through and saw through, the more heavy his heart felt, and the more he felt that he could not involve them. The sky is getting closer to dusk. Of course, it's better for me to fight with Judge Zhu in this fire. I can shovel him at one stroke. I'm not afraid that the bandits will not disperse, but I'm afraid Judge Zhu won't show up.. You're just pacing there, Eighth Master. Lei Yipao said, "Man is iron, and rice is steel. You can't go hungry to fight this fire. If the four judges pounce on it after dark, they won't even have a chance to eat dry food!" "We have to save some food," said Eighth Master Guan. "What if we stay here for three days and the four judges still trap us? Our opponent is like that, not so cheap, let us fight hard to decide whether to win or lose! Look at the situation, he is deliberately hanging, to wait until we are exhausted,whirlpool hot tub, he came to a fierce attack, so that you do not even have the strength to fight back. Therefore, we must try our best to be prepared and not be fooled by him! Maybe Guan Ba Ye is right.