Runaway Bridesmaids Complete

Therefore, we must try our best to be prepared and not be fooled by him! Maybe Guan Ba Ye is right.


Out of the elevator, Yaya breathed a sigh of relief and turned to the handsome man and could not help bowing deeply. "Thank you so much for today, so I'm leaving. Goodbye." "Where are you going?" "Go home." "You drove here?" "No, I don't have a car." "That's how you went to fight?" Yes, looking down at her low-cut wedding dress, Yaya realized her otherness. Damn, her clothes and bags are still in the bridal lounge. What should she do? She can't always go back? "Come on, I'll take you. Get in the car." Electronic lock a crisp sound, in front of the white BMW suddenly flashed a headlight, Yaya could not help but startled, this is the handsome man's car, oh, yes, he did not have money, mobile phone did not take, can only trouble him again. Seeing that the handsome man had already opened the car door with good grace, Yaya was no longer pretentious and sat in the car with a huge wedding dress. You know what? Now I really have the feeling that I took you on my honeymoon. I didn't expect that I was just polite to congratulate the newlyweds,outdoor whirlpool, but I accidentally picked up a bride, or an act of God. But, little bride, I don't know what your name is. "Oh, my name is Tu. Well, my name is ANNY." "ANNY Tu?"? It's a good thing you're not surnamed Wei, otherwise,whirlpool bathtub, it's ANYWAY. Think carefully, it is really like that, Yaya could not help laughing, but was choked by the handsome man's next sentence. "My surname happens to be Wei. My name is Wei Xingxing. If you really become my bride one day, and you don't run away from marriage, you will really become annyway. Interestingly, I find that I hope to have such a story ending now." "Huh?" "Ha ha ha ha, just kidding, Miss ANNY, how should we go?" Actually, I'm road blind. I live in the Eastern District. But would you please lend me your mobile phone first? I don't have a key to my house now. I need to call my father to know where I can go. "Or are you in no hurry to go home and repay me for saving my life?" "A life-saving grace?" It should be counted. It is said that when a girl gets married, she has a second life. I saved you to start another life. It should be counted as a life-saving grace. In fact, massage bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor hot tub, my request is not high, as long as you accompany me to have dinner. "I should thank you, so I should invite you to dinner, but my bag is still in the hotel, and I am now." "As long as you agree. I'm not in the habit of asking women to pay the bill. Let's go and change your exaggerated clothes first." Chance Encounter (3) After the mall, Yaya was once again'protected 'by Wei Xingxing into the women's clothing department in full view of the public, and changed into a dress that Wei Xingxing helped her choose. Then they went to one of the most famous western restaurants in Binjiang. The waiter greeted them warmly, took them into a small private room with an invincible view of the river, sat at a long table decorated perfectly by candlelight flowers, and was once again burned by Wei Xingxing's gaze. Wei Xingxing put his elbows on the table and stared at the almost perfect facial features of Yaya opposite the long table under the candlelight. He knew it was a gift from God. He could pick her up on this special day. Everything must be an act of God. "General Manager Wei, is it still business as usual tonight?" "Wait a minute, ANNY, do you like seafood or meat?" "Oh, I'm free. I eat everything.". ” "Then try the specialty here. Give us two lobster sets and you can go with a bottle of champagne." "Yes, please wait a moment." Lobster set meal, oh, Yaya can not help but secretly glad that he did not boast that his treat, if they pay the bill, it is estimated that only can afford to buy crayfish set meal. Dizzy! Soon, a dish was served according to the etiquette of Western food, Yaya was nervous all the way, secretly following Wei Xingxing's steps to eat elegantly, Yaya found that the man seemed to talk less, two people seemed to have nothing to say at a meal, and Wei Xingxing never took the initiative to say anything, that is, during the interval of serving, Yaya deliberately praised the invincible river view outside the window, and Wei Xingxing just agreed with it. 'Good Demeanor 'let Yaya a cold sweat, can only shut up and continue to eat. But these things are really delicious mess, Yaya secretly happy N times, even champagne is not less, she likes to drink champagne, meet such a good champagne is very happy. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you." Suddenly the staff of the hotel pushed open the door, pushed the cake cart and sang a song and came in. They startled Yaya, but Wei Xingxing was calm and smiling. "Mr. Wei, this is the cake sent to you by our hotel. It's really our hotel's honor to have dinner here on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!" "Thank you. Cut some of the cake for us. You can share the rest. Thank you for helping me share it." "All right, don't bother." When everyone retreats, Yaya can't help it: "Today is your birthday?" "Yes." "Then why didn't you blow and pull to make a wish and take it out again before the candles were blown out?" "Make a wish,endless swimming pool, wish is to rely on their own to achieve, these are just superstitions." "No, wait a minute." 。