Kiss you sweeter than sugar (flower season, rainy season, campus)

Absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. When the blade touches the moonlight or sunlight, the aura of the blade will increase.


In the small pavilion in the center of the garden, Zhou Qingxing took out the ringing mobile phone from his pocket. Only then did she realize that her hands were shaking very badly. A few times finally slipped to the answer. Wait for a few seconds, there is no speech, Zhou Qingxing slowly deep breathing, is a smooth feed. Hey. If I don't call you, you won't call me. Yue Wen's voice came from the mobile phone hole in the vast rain everywhere. Uh "Tut." The other side sighed discontentedly, "Zhou Qingxing, you are too heartless, let me watch fireworks with other girls, deliberately angry with me?" Zhou Qingxing's hand holding the mobile phone was still shaking, and she did not speak, but listened to the other side. The mood is slowly fermenting. I made you a present today. Guess what it is. Yue Wen waited for a few seconds, but Zhou Qingxing was still silent. He frowned, and the back of his hand was scalded in several places by the machine to make a chain, and it still hurts. At least give me a reaction, Zhou Qingxing. I've never chosen a gift so carefully for anyone. "Thank you. Anything else?" “……” Zhou Qingxing's brain was so confused that she couldn't hear what the other side was saying. I'll hang up if I have nothing to do. Her low and cold tone made Yuewen a little uncertain. Inexplicably aggrieved and angry, Yue Wen muttered to her. Why do you have such a temper. Unlikable. "" "You may not like me." Zhou Qingxing whispered, "I don't deserve to be liked by you." So suppress the emotions together, vent to the people who don't have a relationship, and the sound of rain in my ears gradually becomes louder. The sound of the downpour bombarded the eardrums. Yue Wen paused for a long time, "Zhou Qingxing, you." . The signal was suddenly cut off by the other side. Late at night in the street, the more warm frowning, the heart inexplicably flustered up. He dialed again. Over and over again. The other side finally got through again. When Yue Wen heard each other's voice,10g Ozone Generator, the whole person was stunned for a moment. He has known Zhou Qingxing for so long, the other side has always been calm, although occasionally there will be some other emotions, not too intense. Zhou Qingxing, who is always surrounded by solid walls, is a bit invincible. At the moment, he was crying in pain and grief. Although the cry is separated by thousands of kilometers, it can also make people feel her despair. Yes I'm sorry Ah Zhou Qingxing sobbed intermittently, appearing hoarse and broken in the ear hole of the mobile phone. Yue Wen's heart was turned upside down by her cry. His fingers clenched the phone. "What's wrong?" The sound of the rain vented unspeakable emotions, and Yuewen could only speak from her broken and messy words. Guess what happened to her. Okay, don't cry first. Grandma had an accident, didn't she? He listened quietly to the girl's fragile cry for help. . Unable to escape, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic bobbin heater core, heavy rain everywhere, Zhou Qingxing squatted in the pavilion, feeling that he could never escape. She couldn't think, she didn't know what she was talking about, and her mood was like a turbulent ship in the sea. Yue Wen listened to her and spoke in a brief silence. Okay, Xing, now tell me, where are you? The gentle voice of the boy slowing down came from the mobile phone again, "I'm going to find you." Chapter 25 Dawn. The red light of the emergency room was dazzling in the pale corridor. When Zhou Qingxing came back, her hair dripped down into the water. She sat on the bench and leaned against it wearily in a daze. The woman next to her looked at her several times. Fortunately, did your grandmother say anything to you just now? Zhou Qingxing slowly rolled his eyes, "No." The man also rushed over at this time, with a smell of smoke and alcohol. What time is it? You still have to play cards. The woman complained. She finished and winked at the other side. Your uncle can't get rid of this problem. I make money alone, and no one asks me every day. Zhou Qingxing listened to them say a lot, and then finally mentioned the key points. Fortunately, your uncle lost a lot of money gambling outside, and now the house is mortgaged. If not, we won't even have a place to live in the future. The clamminess in the hospital is cold from the soles of the feet to the scalp along the wet shoes. "And your grandmother's illness. She spends thousands of yuan in hospital every day. We have no money. We borrow it everywhere. If you have some spare money, can you give it to your sister-in-law first?" Zhou Qingxing stared straight at her this time, with no light in his dark eyes, looking dead and dim. How much do you need The woman quoted a number. Zhou Qingxing lowered his eyes, and the other side immediately followed. When you were a child, you lived and ate at my house. Your uncle and I supported you to study. Now when you are in trouble, if you can help us, you can help us. Zhou Qingxing: "If I give it to you, can you not contact me again?" Both of them were silent. Zhou Qingxing's voice was calm. "If I can do it, I'll think of a way." The man rubbed his hands, "in fact, Xiao Xing, you don't have to work so hard. Mr. Cheng said that only you can accompany him for a few more months, and he will help us out." For Zhou Qingxing, this name gives her a sense of physical disgust. Zhou Qingxing interrupted the man directly. I can't go. If you want money, listen to me. The little girl who used to be so weak that she had to depend on others and had no idea. Now I seem to be a different person. Zhou Qingxing looked at them and said word by word. "Don't listen to Mr. Cheng either. I can do the same for you that he can give you." "And more." If the environment is too quiet, it will make people feel very desperate. Especially in a place like a hospital. Close your eyes, the brain is very empty, what can not catch, obviously very sleepy, but how can not sleep. In the corridor of the intensive care unit at four o'clock in the evening, only a small night light was on,ceramic welding tape, and it was shining with a pale light. The man took a cigarette out of his pocket and sat down next to her. Fortunately, I asked someone to add a nursing bed, and you went to sleep with your aunt. Zhou Qingxing shook his head.


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