Swordsman-Gu Long _ txt Novel Paradise

"Then I'll think about it again," she said feebly. "You won't lose money if you buy a long-term residence for 210,000 yuan." “……” 。


Zhanbai was stunned and turned over to get up. He was a man of true love. At the moment, he saw that the middle-aged beautiful woman was a stranger to him, but she treated him so gently and kindly. He was greatly moved and wanted to say a few words of gratitude, but he did not know what to say. When the beautiful middle-aged woman saw him like this, she looked even more kindly in her eyes. With a deep sigh, she added, "The man is in the four directions. He should have come out to make a living. But, alas, where in the world can there be such a warm home?"? I see your face is haggard. Obviously, I have been wandering outside for a long time. If you don't blame me for talking too much, you … You'd better go home quickly. Then he patted him on the shoulder and turned to walk over. Looking at her back, Zhanbai felt his blood surging in his heart. Unable to help himself, he suddenly sighed in a plaintive voice, "I.." I have no home! Two drops of crystal tears, in the eye socket turned two turns, finally could not help flowing down. The beautiful middle-aged woman took two steps. When she heard this, she turned around and came back. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and said in a long voice, "I've never seen such a good man as your ladyship in my life, so I can't bear to be handsome." After a pause,stainless steel tile edging, he glanced at the end of the woods and saw a very gorgeous carriage parked on both sides of the shaft. There were four big men with swords sitting upright on their horses, and they kept looking back, frowning deeply, as if they were unhappy. As soon as he thought about it, he added, "Madam has something to do. Let's go. I.." I will cherish my own life in the future. He said so in his mouth, but in his heart he secretly said: "In fact,stainless steel edge trim, there is nothing worth cherishing in life. If I didn't have my father's revenge, it wouldn't be a pity if I died immediately. But I don't even know who killed my father, and I got rid of my father's belongings!" Can not help but be very sad for it. The beautiful middle-aged woman frowned slightly and asked in a soft voice, "You are still young, but in your words, how can you seem to have a lot of sad and incomprehensible things?"? Alas ! You young people are always like this. You are already so melancholy before you know it. When you are as old as Wei, even if you have something sad and boring in your heart, you won't say it. Alas! Don't talk about it. But the weather is cool in autumn. Alas, young man, why don't you smile? Great life "The beautiful middle-aged woman said gently, but Zhanbai couldn't keep her talking forever. Looking up, she saw the melancholy color in her eyes, which seemed to be more beautiful than her own. She couldn't help thinking to herself:" This woman is dressed in beautiful clothes, stainless steel tile edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, and her charm is luxurious. It is obvious that she is not the family of a dignitary, but the wife of a rich merchant. She is a very lucky person. How can he have such trouble? "He thought," She has been treating me like this all her life. I think she must be a very kind person. If she is really troubled, how can I not solve it for her? "He only knew that others treated him like this, and that he should add ten times to repay others, but he put aside his own troubles. As for other people's troubles, could he solve them? He didn't care. He straightened his chest and said in a loud voice, "I think your ladyship has something to worry about. You might as well tell me that although I am useless, I still have some stupid strength.". As long as I can do it, I will do it for my wife. The beautiful middle-aged woman smiled and said, "I don't know you. Why do you want to help me?" She was stunned and said, "I can't answer your question. But since I've been wandering, no one has ever cared about me, even if I've been lying under the heavy rain. Now your ladyship takes care of me like this. If I can serve your ladyship, it's the happiest thing." Later, he felt that what he had said was the only truth between heaven and earth, and that the louder he spoke, the more his sleepy eyes, which were still relaxed, showed their spirits. The beautiful middle-aged woman turned her eyes and seemed to be greatly moved. "Oh, silly boy," she sighed softly, "I just passed by by car and saw you sleeping under the morning dew. I was afraid you would catch a cold, so I could get off and greet you. What's the big deal?"? If I really have any difficulties. If you want to do it, aren't you too dull? "Zhanbai sighed:" I can't speak, and I often can't say what I'm thinking! " The middle-aged beautiful woman suddenly shook her hand gently and said, "It's all right not to say. Anyway, I already know that you are a very good child. I will always remember your kindness in my heart. Alas, if only Qing'er's heart was half as kind as yours. Why does God always let kind-hearted people suffer?" She stretched out her hand to touch her cheeks and gazed tenderly at herself for a long time. "Don't forget what I said," he added. "Put aside the worries in your heart. There are many people in the world who don't have a home. The worst thing for young people is to feel sorry for themselves. Do you know that some good things in life have to be created by yourself? If you are depressed and don't struggle, this kind of person will only deserve to suffer for a lifetime." She smiled again and turned away. He stood under the tree in a daze for a long time, and the words of the beautiful middle-aged woman were still ringing in his ears: ".." Good life, stay green years, are waiting for you to enjoy. Some good things in life are to be created by oneself. He felt the meaning of these words in detail, and felt that he was crazy. But the sound of the horse's hooves outside the forest was heard again. He looked up and saw three strong horses rushing into the woods like tendons. They galloped in front of him. The men on the horses each pulled a rope. The three horses held their heads high and hissed. They stood up and immediately dismounted except for the knight, but it was the strong man who had just protected the middle-aged beautiful woman Li. Show white slightly startled, and greatly surprised, do not know the three big fellow suddenly turned back, what is the purpose. The three big men, with heavy feet and strong bodies, had their temples bulging like hills on both sides. At a glance, they could see that they were not weak practitioners of martial arts. They gave him a white look, and without saying a word,stainless steel tile trim, they came up to him side by side, their faces cold, their eyes murderous. jecatrims.com