Fufeng Song

"Then I'll think about it again," she said feebly. "You won't lose money if you buy a long-term residence for 210,000 yuan." “……” 。


A few days ago, the army of Youzhou fought with the two armies of Monalou and Wuluhui in the eastern part of Tuoba Xianbei. At that time, Duan's Xianbei troops obeyed Wang Jun's command in public but not in private, and did not go into the battlefield for a long time. As a result, Yuwen's troops suffered heavy losses and could only return to their headquarters in western Liaoning in advance. Out of the consideration of balancing the forces of various departments and facilitating his own control in the middle, Wang Jun did not take deep responsibility for this, and even some of them were happy to see its success. He boldly urged the army of Youzhou, with Duan's Xianbei troops as the main force, to quickly approach the Bashang Grassland. Relying on Duan's old relationship with Wuchen, he contacted the Chiluo and Puliuru troops, intending to defeat the Daijun army at one stroke and establish Youzhou's sphere of influence in the eastern part of the grassland. Such a prospect is so beautiful that Wang Jun almost sees himself striding forward to the unspeakable position. But after Lu Yao was full of contempt and scolded, Wang Jun's idea suddenly changed. He suddenly woke up, this time in a hurry into the grasslands on the dam, saw everything, is not in the section of Xianbei premeditated. The Yuwen tribe, which was used to balance the expansion of the Duan tribe, had retreated dejectedly; the Chiluo and Puliuru tribes, which were used to defend Ruyuan and suppress the Jin refugees on the grasslands,china tile trim, were the allies of the Duan tribe; as the governor of Youzhou, he not only had no effective means to restrain the Duan faction, but also became a puppet. What is more annoying is that the generals of Duan Bu ignore and disobey themselves openly and secretly. When he forced Duan's quick victory on behalf of the county army, intended to force Xianbei people to pay the price, in order to punish them slightly, Duan disease land dependents this fellow unexpectedly will always belong to their own deep and remote state army headquarters sent to the front to die! Duan Jilu family is just a well-behaved child generation, how can there be such courage? Wang Jun's mind can not help but emerge the old face of Duan Wuwuchen,aluminum tile edge trim, which is suffused with death. In order to woo the Xianbei Hao, Wang Jun even married his daughter to him, but today it seems that the cunning old son can't and deep and remote state after all. Perhaps the old man had anticipated the present situation when he ordered Duan Wenyang to report the news of the grassland chaos to Youzhou. Countless complicated thoughts poured into Wang Jun's mind, which made him angry, but also made him indecisive and worried about gains and losses: the chaotic situation on the grassland would not last long, and all parties expected to gain their own interests through the chaos. Or Tuoba Yilu to turn the tide, or the surrounding gradually divided and devoured, there will always be a result. For deep and remote state regime, this is a golden opportunity, for this reason, today must be completely annihilated on behalf of the county army. However, the military group formed by interests is likely to split because of interests. Bashang Grassland is too fat and beautiful prey, tile profile factory ,stainless steel edging strip, which is enough to make Duan Bu desperate. If Youzhou empty bear infamy, but let Duan Bu benefit. I don't know when the battle in the distance will be decided, and the generals in front of me are all concerned about their own forces so as not to suffer losses. Wang Jun folded and twisted the horsewhip inlaid with gold beads and precious jade, but he couldn't think of a clue. He had always boasted of being thoughtful and taking hundreds of steps, but now he suddenly gave himself a splitting headache. He vaguely began to wonder, could it be that the all-conquering army of Youzhou, like Mount Tai, would be hurt by the humble wooden wedge of the county army? "Well." Wang Jun finally made up his mind and ordered a member of the military Academy: "You go to the front and call Duan Jilu's family back.". Just say, I have something to ask. The military Academy is one of the leaders of Wang Jun Qinwei, who has always been deeply trusted. He bowed to receive the order, then jumped on the horse and galloped away. The troops of the Youzhou Army were roughly divided into the front, middle and back lines. The first line is the troops in the strangulation of the army on behalf of the county, the second line is the light and heavy cavalry brigade of Duan Bu, and the third line is Wang Jun's Youzhou army. In order to facilitate the mobilization of troops on the battlefield, Duan Jilu's family personally led the people forward and commanded between the first and second lines. So the military Academy had to shout, "Get out of the way!"! Get out of the way! All the way out of the heavy ranks, from a large group of Xianbei people in the queue straight through, when anxious, even the whip wave crackle to intimidate the speech impassable Xianbei soldiers. Unexpectedly, Duan Qin's helmet was whipped. Duan Qin is the nephew of Duan Wuwuchen and the cousin of Duan Jilu's family. Duan Bu Xianbei in quite a position, although failed to get the general given by the Jin court, but is actually in charge of a cavalry team of generals. Long pampered life makes him much fatter than the ordinary Xianbei people, riding on a horse is more magnificent. The shiny flesh of his face and a beard around his mouth highlighted his irascible personality. Because his head was too large, he could only cover the top of his head with the iron helmet of the Jin army and fix it on his chin with a leather rope. When the military Academy who gave the order waved the horsewhip at random, the tip of the whip hit Duan Qin's helmet, and immediately the helmet was pulled askew. Piso suddenly strangled his throat, and the severe pain almost made him faint on the spot. Dachang! Are you all right? The two nearby samurai reacted quickly and cut the leather rope with a knife. Duan Qin scratched his throat, coughed and spat, and touched it casually, only to find that the fat under his forehead was torn and stained with blood. "Bastard!" He thundered! Who did it? Who is it? I will sinew him, skin him, and use his head as a chamber pot! "That's the general's herald." You bear with it. Side close to the children to persuade. After all, there was no one comparable to the majesty of the governor of Youzhou, and it was really not a good occasion to vent his anger in the army. Duan Qin reluctantly lowered his voice: "Damn it, Jin Dog dares to be so rude!" He threw his helmet to the ground and grinded his teeth and complained, "I told the big Khan that I shouldn't have fought for the Jin dog at all!"! The good man of Duan Bu shed blood and sweat. Let's see how Jin Dog treats us. Although Duan's Xianbei had been loyal to the imperial court over the years and served Wang Jun, the governor of Youzhou, more and more of his subordinate tribes, such as Duan Qin, were full of contempt for the Jin people. A squire jumped off his horse and held Duan Qin's helmet in both hands, trying to give it back to him. Duan Qin waved his hand fiercely and flew his helmet out again. Just as he was about to drink and scold something,tile trim factory, he suddenly saw Yang Fei, who was livid, hurrying past on a slope facing him. jecatrims.com