Worm tide of the end of the world

They chased out to no avail, but when they came back, they found a piece of paper on the arrow.


But for humans, poison swamps are basically useless, because most humans can hold their breath for a long time, and powerful humans can detoxify directly, as for not breathing, it is not difficult for humans not to breathe for a day or a night. So, in the magic world, the poison marsh is rubbish, just occasionally with the fireball to create a sea of fire. But in this case, if there is a poison marsh technique below, it will be very powerful. The ancient moon recites the incantation, immediately lets below is full of the poisonous marsh, the next moment turns into a sea of fire. With a roar, countless magma erupted and flowed around, and the Cherry Blossom Village was really finished. "Where is Loki?" Merlin frowned Gu Yue looked around and said, "I didn't come out. I guess I'm not afraid of fire." "Gu Yue, you are dead, you are dead." Moments later, Loki's voice sounded again, but this kind of danger without strength, to tell the truth, Gu Yue really did not put it in his heart. "It seems you're not dead yet," said Gu Yue with a sneer. "Why don't you even dare to come out today?" "Well, I dare not, you wait!" Roared Rocky. Gu Yue suddenly thought of something and said with a smile, "Are you doing something so important that you can't be interrupted?" "You wait," Loki added angrily. "Sure enough," said Gu Yue with a sneer. "Gu Yue,shuttle rack system, the opportunity is rare, how do we quickly beat him," Merlin immediately excited way. It's better to come early than to come early. That's true. They came here just when Loki couldn't get away. It was a golden opportunity. "Houde Zaiwu, Great Gravity," Gu Yue immediately shouted loudly and used the method of Taoism. In an instant, the gravity around him suddenly increased, and the magma just came out and was pressed down by gravity. "Endless earth, shaking," the ancient moon then sang aloud, directly using the magic of the earth crack. In an instant,industrial racking systems, the ground was shaking crazily, and countless cracks appeared around it. The ground is collapsing, finally revealing a huge palace, with three huge ancient characters written on it: Temple of Evil. "Good fellow," cried Merlin, seeing the palace. Gu Yue frowned, the first thing he saw was the formation above the temple of evil, which was not easy to solve, after all, people would not sit back and watch him break the formation. Sure enough, the temple of evil gods suddenly flew up, and the next moment it turned into a red light and quickly escaped. "Unexpectedly still want to go," Gu Yue sneers. All of a sudden, he pointed to the sky and said, "The divine light protects the array." With his finger as the center, numerous huge light wheels suddenly appeared, then flew to all sides, eventually forming a huge array wall, the evil temple hit the top of the array wall, warehousing storage solutions ,warehouse pallet racks, suddenly stopped. "I think, now in this world, there are not many people who can compete with me," Gu Yue smiled. Merlin listened to this also nodded in agreement, the ancient moon is now the head of the three, and the civilization of Atlantis also gave him a lot of inspiration, the formation is terrible, many formations are specious, even he dare not judge. That is to say, the divine light protection array in front of us looks like magic, but if you look carefully, you will find that it is not magic, but the Taoist array. But if you look carefully again, it seems that it has joined the system array of other civilizations. How to crack it in the end? Not all the people who gather the heads of the three schools will fail But even people who gather the heads of the three families really think that they can crack it will definitely hit a head of blood, because this array also contains the knowledge of Atlantean civilization, some magic circuits have been optimized and modified, it is not like that at all. Then the ancient moon whispered, "The Elf King of Light, dispel the darkness." Suddenly he sent out a strong wave, the sky suddenly appeared a huge magic array, a strong white light suddenly fell. I saw the temple of evil constantly emitting white smoke, began to twist up, I saw the door of the temple of evil suddenly opened, and that arm quickly clapped to the ancient moon. "Really do not give up," Gu Yue said lightly. The Wall of Glory is a very strong defense, even Merlin knows that. But suddenly the arm began to deform, turning into a huge snake head in the blink of an eye, opening its mouth and spewing out a purple flame. What a poisonous fire, fell on the wall of glory above, the wall of glory suddenly constantly issued a sound, a white smoke suddenly constantly rising. Gu Yue frowned and immediately said, "Disturbed wandering dust, confused travelers, the roar of the earth, the call of the stars, evil ideas, chaotic rebirth, and the appearance of wild darkness. I summon in the name of Heaven Thunder-Pure God Thunder." The huge magic array above the sky crackled, and suddenly countless thunder and lightning fell. The huge palm was attacked by dozens of thunder and lightning in an instant, and was destroyed in an instant, turning into coke and falling to the ground. "Gu Yue, you are dead," Loki's voice sounded again, but this time it gave people a sense of calm and relaxed, which was totally different from the previous exasperation. Suddenly, the door of the Evil Temple suddenly opened, and a red mist gushed out of the door. For a moment, the Evil Temple was shrouded in red mist. Then there was a sound of footsteps, and Loki slowly emerged from the temple of evil, with a snake around his neck and a strange Western sword in his hand. "I'm not kidding," Loki said coldly, licking the Western sword and staring at the ancient moon. Merlin suddenly turned pale and said, "Gu Yue, be careful of this guy. He is holding the legendary sword of victory in his hand, and the snake on his neck must not be underestimated. It is an earthly python." Volume 4 Dusk of the Gods [211] Evil Wheel Pill Updated: July 11, 2012 19:07:28 Words in this Chapter: 5568 Unconsciously already more than two million words, but the number of times I ask for tickets is not more than three digits, so ask for tickets ah ah ah ________________ The sword of victory is not the sword of vow of victory in the hands of a female King Arthur, as everyone thinks, but the sword "Revadin" worn by Frey, the God of fertility in Norse mythology. Whoever grasps the sword,heavy duty metal racks, the sword will fly alone on the battlefield to kill the enemy with the hope of the swordsman. In Norse mythology, Frey gave the sword to his attendant Skinier in order to get his favorite giantess Gerd. When Skinier learned of Frey's intention, he took Frey's horse and the sword to the giant kingdom to seek marriage for his master. jracking.com


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