Fanxia Tianjiao Witch

They chased out to no avail, but when they came back, they found a piece of paper on the arrow.


The old man's surprise was no small matter. He did not know where the heroes who had been invited to attend the meeting lived. Time was pressing, and there was no time. Time to find Qunxiong news, so had to secretly track the two leaders, first find out the only mountain that can make Qunxiong out of danger. Where the hole is. Boss Sa didn't want to go into the cave. He followed the two leaders far away. After seeing him enter the cave, he was about to turn around, only to meet Coral and the middle-aged nun again. Boss Sa and Coral Her father is a close friend, after her father was killed by Nanshanhu, coral and he had met. The middle-aged nun, Sa. The eldest brother did not know her, but Coral said she was her master. Although Sakao was a little surprised, he had no time to ask the reason. Coral knew that Nanshanhu was guarding the cave and insisted on going in to assassinate the enemy. Boss Sa thought, now there are two gangs. Hand, if you can get rid of Nanshanhu, it can also reduce unexpected changes. Otherwise, if they are allowed to arrange in the cave, I am afraid they will have to give it again. The crowd raised the obstacles to escape. So he agreed to Coral's claim. Unexpectedly, in addition to Nanshanhu, there were Master Longyin and several leaders with high martial arts skills in the cave. A scuffle, boss SA. A little wound, killed the other side to buy a few eyes, a look at the situation, coral and the middle-aged nun can barely support, and then he listened. When the earth-shaking boulder rolled down and blocked the sound of Taniguchi, he knew that the thieves outside had already used their hard hands, and the time was tight, so he had to. Pull yourself out and report to the outside world. When the heroes heard that the other side of the cave was leading to the beach,cantilever racking system, it was really a desperate situation, and everyone was overjoyed. Remnant in the hole Enemies, all have fled, all the way forward, no more obstacles, the hole is about six or seven miles long, but half an hour, went to the other side. The exit of. I saw the sea and the sky, and the surging waves hit the shore. Out of the cave,wire mesh decking, in front of them was the endless sea. There was no enemy ambush on the beach, but when the heroes saw this scene, they could not help but secretly call the past, the joy of the day, all melt. For nothing. Why do you say that? All the ships that had been moored in the harbor were gone. Without ships, there is still no escape! All the heroes were surprised and angry. Wang Yuting said, "What a sinister trick the Lord of Feilong Island used to drive our ships away." Yes, he's going to besiege us, and we can't wait to die! Just then, someone laughed, and a group of thief soldiers appeared on the top of the hill. Feilong Island Lord and Fan Tong stood in front, standing on the cliff, laughing at them. "Let's fight with him," said Wang Yuting. The Lord of Feilong Island laughed and said, "If you are not afraid of death, you can attack!" Handle one Hun, arrows fall like rain! The mountain is steeper on the side of the sea. How easy is it to attack? I'm afraid there will be no casualties before we get halfway up the mountain. Lord of Feilong Island, etc People on the hill, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, tens of feet high from the ground, the arrows sent by the heroes can not shoot them, they are commanding, random arrows will come down. A group of heroes can only be beaten and have no power to fight back. Fortunately, the distance is too far, the thieves shot down the random arrows, it is difficult to get accurate, and not many of the heroes were injured. But how to get out of trouble? There is nothing Cambodia can do. Wen Yifan shouted, "It's a good man coming down to fight it out!" "He's a good man," said the Lord of Feilong Island with a smile. You come up and win or lose! Wen Yifan was so angry that he wanted to venture up the mountain and fight with him with his excellent flying skills. The witch of Penglai "Don't fall for his provocation, Master Wen," he said. "On our side, even if a few of us can attack the mountain, we're still alone. "The enemy is dying." The Lord of Feilong Island laughed and said, "Do you know you are afraid?"? I don't want to kill you. You throw down your weapons, one. Come on, I will never hurt you. If you are willing to obey the leader of the Willow Alliance, I will treat you well. Those who refuse to obey, we also "I won't force you. I'll just keep you as prisoners for a few days. When the matter is settled, I'll release you." Wang Yuting sneered, "You want us to follow you and betray our country for glory. That's a dream!"! When a real man dies, his ears die, and he dies vigorously. Strong, better than you live in vain! The Lord of Feilong Island said angrily, "Well, if you want to die, I will help you.". I'm not going to kill you, just let You're starving on the beach. Hum, hum, such a way to die, the taste is not good! It's not necessarily spectacular. "Nvxia Liu," said Wang Yuting, "it's better to fight with him than to starve to death." Deliberation is not decided, suddenly heard Hua Guhan. "Look, what is that?" He asked. Exactly: At the end of one's tether, there is no way out. There is another village with dark willows and bright flowers. Want to know what happened? Please listen to the explanation in the next installment. Fengyun Pavilion Sweep School Xiaoxiang Academy · Liang Yusheng's "Fanxia Tianjiao Witch" — — Chapter 55, I can't help but dream of sitting and walking, and I can't help laughing and crying for no reason. Chapter 55 of Liang Yusheng's "Fanxia Tianjiao Witch" is a dream of sitting and walking for no reason. Everyone looked in the direction he pointed to, only to see the shadows of the sails on the sea, which gradually revealed that it was a large group of boats. Breaking through the wind and waves, Wang Yuting said, "Do they want to attack by land and water?" "It may not be the boat from Feilong Island," said Hua Guhan. Only. They took out all the ships that moored in the harbor with the intention of trapping us. They think they have a chance to win, so why do they have to do it again? It's a bad plan. Aren't you afraid we'll rob his boat? "But it doesn't look like an official ship," said Wang Yuting. The bandit is about to cross the river. On this occasion, the long navy of the imperial court was afraid that it was not enough to defend the enemy with all its strength. How could it send a fleet here? The discussion was still undecided, and the large group was approaching the coast like a battle, with as many as fifty or sixty, of which more than a dozen were from Taihu Lake. The ship on which the Stronghold Leader came. "It must have been the thieves of Feilong Island who captured our ship," said Zhu Ziting angrily. They're coming back to attack us. "Look at that flag, Lord Wang," said the witch of Penglai. I saw one of the big boats out of the crowd, with one side of the boat open. Flag, embroidered with gold thread out of a tiger, fluttering in the wind, very eye-catching. Wang Yuting said,drive in racking system, "This is the flag of Li Bao, the tiger who turned over the river.". Fanjiang Tiger Li Baoqi Naohai Jiao Fan Tong is the water bandits on the Yangtze River, and they are birds of a feather. OK.