Every time I meet someone, it makes my heart beat.

They chased out to no avail, but when they came back, they found a piece of paper on the arrow.


Xia Qiqi: "For example, dog abuse is forbidden in the club." Tut, tut, tut, I am really hot eyes. Xu Ruiqi paused and answered bitterly: "They have already mentioned this question, but it is a pity that it is totally useless to the two of them." Xia Qiqi nodded in agreement. "Do you think Fengshen will call your brother-in-law later?" Xu Ruiqi: It's a little scary to think about it. …… Xia Qiqi flew back to Wuhan early the next morning. The night before, he had dinner with the SNM team and went back to the hotel to rest. Not long after the first week of the LPL spring season, the New Year is coming, and most of the clubs are packing up and returning home one after another. Su Yi, Xu Ruiqi and Han Lingfeng are all from Wuhan. After the club issued a holiday notice, they began to buy tickets and booked a plane to go back on the same day. After getting off the plane, at the gate, Sui saw Han Lingfeng's sister, Han Shasha. Her company seemed to have a holiday very early, so she went back to her hometown first. Han Shasha saw Sui don't mention how happy, directly ignored her brother ran over to help Sui directly carry the hand of the companion gift. At the time of parting, Han Shasha also dropped the words "come to my house to eat dumplings when you are free during the Spring Festival". Zoey also politely agreed. On the way home, she suddenly remembered to ask Xu Ruiqi next to her, "Cousin, do you know where Fengshen lives?" So,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Zhang Hao also mentioned to her before that Fengshen played Solo in the Internet cafe near her high school. At that time, Sui went to school by day. Since Fengshen also went there to surf the Internet, his home was not far away, right? Xu Ruiqi, a little sleepy, yawned and said, "It's in the neighborhood behind our school." “…… Ah So close? Then why don't you go together? "But I'm moving now, but it's not very far." "Oh." "When he and I went to SNM together, I thought he looked familiar, and after we got familiar with each other, asrs warehouse ,shuttle rack system, I realized that he used to go to the Internet cafe where we used to go." “……” "Maybe you've seen it before." “………………” "I'll sleep for a while and call me when I get there." Xu Ruiqi yawned again and fell asleep with his backpack in his arms. Suinu pouted and just wanted to say that she was also leaning against it for a while, and a WeChat message popped up on the screen of her mobile phone-it was Han Lingfeng's. Zoe: "!!!" She immediately clicked on Wechat. [Cold Wind: Are you here?] [SUEE: There is still a way to go.] Cold Wind: Are you busy during the Spring Festival? [SUEE: I have to go to my relatives on the first and second day of junior high school. I have nothing to do on the third day of junior high school.] Then I will go back to Shanghai to continue training on the fourth day of junior high school. After Sui pressed send, he was still wondering what Fengshen was going to do. After a while, he replied with a message: [Cold Wind: Come out on the third day of junior high school.] Come out? What are you doing? Internet bar five times? [SUEE: What to do?] [Windy Wind: Watch a movie.] Zoey: "… … …" PS: In fact, there is a BUG in the article. I wrote that the following notes were confused. The uniform of the SNM team is red and black. I wrote red and white at the beginning of the article (when I wrote it, my mind was full of SKT), and every game in the spring was BO3, but I wrote BO1 in order not to repeat nonsense. Here I tell you.. I am afraid that there is a girl's question, later all will be corrected in the physical book, here the VIP chapter word number is not easy to control, do not change first. It's good that you understand. Mada ~ Chapter 43 Fengshen asked her to see a movie?? Watch a movie! The Wechat message was like an infinite bullet screen, rolling in her head until it exploded. Yes, she needs to calm down. However, two seconds later -- Asshole, I can't calm down at all! She immediately opened the chat box of Xia Qiqi and sent it after typing: [SUEE: High-energy warning ahead! It's time to test a wave of true friendship, potty friend, I met a problem that I couldn't do since I was a child! The speed that the person of that head sends back to come over is very fast also: [7 headmaster: The problem is too difficult, won't do, manual good-bye. 】 【SUEE:…… Asshole, I haven't even said it yet!] [Principal 7: Since ancient times, true feelings can't be kept. The fortune-teller has calculated with me that I was born to be incompatible with the eight characters of learning. [Smiles]] [SUEE: Give me back the baseball cap that Fengshen signed for you last time!] [Principal Seven: Believe it or not, the baseball cap is on my head and I can't take it off.] 【SUEE:…………】 Friends, can you still speak well? Xia Qiqi, holding the screen of her mobile phone, never gets tired of laughing and decides not to tease her any more. [Principal Qi: Did you go back to Wuhan?] SUEE: [SUEE: Here we are, on the way home.] [Principal Seven: Back to your own territory, what problems can you encounter?] [SUEE: Does Fengshen ask me to go to the movies during the Spring Festival?] Xia Qiqi just went to the kitchen to pour a cup of hot water, and when he returned to his room and saw the WeChat message, he was shocked. [Seven Principal: Shit?? What the fuck [SUEE: Watch your language, beautiful and noble queen.] [VII. Principal: … … … Well, I wish you a happy marriage and an early birth of a son. 【SUEE:…………………… The exhausted boat sank to the bottom of the sea. At the critical moment, why is your best friend useless? Sui immediately switched to Han Lingfeng's chat interface, and her finger hung on the screen for a long time before she made up her mind to reply: [SUEE: Who else?] Well, Zoey looked at the reply and thought it was perfect. What if Fengshen actually made an appointment with someone else? Otherwise,warehouse storage racks, if she replies so excitedly to go or not, it will seem that she is too. [Windchill: Just you and me.] Too. Casual. No, it's too unexpected. I didn't expect Fengshen to be more casual than her. Is she alone? She herself.. jracking.com