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Sensen was very happy, and sure enough, she said that Lu Chenyu had agreed, which showed that this man had spoiled her to the bone.


Sensen was very happy, and sure enough, she said that Lu Chenyu had agreed, which showed that this man had spoiled her to the bone. Yes, brother, I didn't take my clothes away. She suppressed a laugh and said in a deliberately bad way, "I put it back in its original position. Don't touch it." She was dozens of kilometers away, but her voice seemed to be close to his ear, and he seemed to be able to feel her breath. Lu Chenyu's forehead oozed tiny beads of sweat, and some hurriedly interrupted her topic: "Sensen..." Sensen: "Hmm?" “…… Call me again. Sensen shouted obediently, "Brother Yu." There was no sound at the other end for a while. Sensen looked at his cell phone and thought he had hung up carelessly. …… Elder brother She shouted again. Almost at the same time, a kind of panting after extreme depression came into my ears. It sounded very abnormal. Sensen couldn't help calling him: "Brother Yu?" "Uh-huh." After a while, the voice over there seemed to be normal again, but it was still a little breathless. What are you doing Sensen was puzzled. Lu Chenyu took a long breath, got up and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Physical exercise He said lightly. , Chapter 93 ninety-three candies. On the birthday of the old man of the Guan family, wealthy businessmen and celebrities gathered together. The Guan family is a relatively traditional family, with men working outside and women working inside. The children generally get married early. Through various marriages,DIN screw plug, the Guan family has gradually deepened its foundation and maintained its reputation in the coastal areas. On his seventieth birthday this time, close relatives and distant friends congratulated him, and naturally there was no lack of his most proud son-in-law, the Lu Group. Lu Tinghai took his family to visit his father-in-law one day in advance, and even Grandpa Lu was present at the birthday banquet the next day. Guan smiled from ear to ear, looking at the full house of guests and children and grandchildren,CNC machining parts, the heart of a lifetime has been the greatest satisfaction at this moment. Lu Chenyu is the result of the joint cultivation of the Guan family and Lu's group. He is young enough to take on a great responsibility, and he is so drunk that Guan likes him. During the dinner, he sat beside the old man, while his father, Lu Tinghai, was pushed aside. Xiao Chen, of all the marriages of the younger generation, I am most worried about your life. Guan patted him on the back of his hand and said earnestly, "This is very important. You must think about it carefully." "Grandpa, I'm still young." Lu Chenyu smiled faintly. He's not young. He's twenty-four years old. It's time to talk. Guan said with a smile, "Look at the girls over there. There are a lot of girls about your age here today. They are all very beautiful. I heard your father say that you hardly get close to any woman except work every day. How can you do that?"? You can get to know a few people today and make more friends, and it will be convenient for business in the future. Hearing this, car radiator cap ,non standard fasteners, Lu Chenyu lightly swept the opposite Mrs. Guan, her mother smiled gently and her expression remained unchanged. In the Guan family, this is a very common thing. Had it not been for Lu Chenyu's frigidity, the Guan family would have chosen a wife for him long ago, but he was a little lonely when he was young, and when he grew up, he was not close to women, so the elders had to take their time when they had plans to urge marriage. …… The little girl is very good. Her family is in the gold mining business, and one of them is your classmate. She is the daughter of a technology upstart. This line has great potential in the future. Old Lady Guan happily spoke in Lu Chenyu's ear, and those who mentioned their names were obviously "screened" by the Guan family and thought they were suitable for Lu Chenyu. Lu Chenyu glanced over there and saw Qiao Shiyan at the guest table. In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology and artificial intelligence, the status of Qiao's family has steadily risen. Qiao Shiyan has no worries about marriage at all, but Qiao's mother always wants to climb up the old family with deep roots. It seems that only in this way can she feel at ease. Although Qiao Shiyan attended Guan's birthday banquet with her family today, her mind was obviously not on it. In the past, she would have focused her attention on Lu Chenyu, but now, unlike those celebrities who secretly looked at Lu Chenyu, her expression was somewhat confused, as if she did not know the meaning of her appearance here at all. The young man with elegant demeanor and outstanding temperament tore her heart apart for more than twenty years. They're all fine. Lu Chenyu nodded along with Mrs. Guan's words and suddenly changed the subject, "but I don't like it." "Oh?"? Tell me what you don't like about her. Lu Tinghai's voice sounded coldly. Xiao Chen. "Mrs. Guan on the opposite side shook her head hurriedly and motioned him not to talk nonsense.". Lu Chenyu hooked his lips and smiled sarcastically. He knew very well that he was still young and had just graduated. He did not have a firm position in the group. His uncle, Guan Yunfeng, was the best assistant in the two huge interest chains of Lu and Guan. In addition, he also had an uncle. Although Lu Tingze was a little confused when he was young and his ability was average, he had worked for the group for many years and had no merit or fault. He was also a very good keeper. The elders are reminding him that if he is not obedient, Lu's group may not necessarily be handed over to him. However, Lu Chenyu has been used to untamed since childhood, and really did not take the threat of Lu Tinghai seriously. Just as Lu Tinghai was about to pound the table with anger, Lu Chenyu suddenly looked up at today's birthday boy, Mr. Guan, and changed his smile: "Grandpa, I've had someone I like for a long time. Don't you know that?" He was indeed contemptuous of the authority of the family, but he was determined to win the Lu Group. Otherwise, why did he decide to listen to his family and go abroad to study? Only when he is strong enough can he keep the love in his heart, which is a truth that Sensen taught him six years ago. If the person he loves is just a little girl, he is a rich second generation, even if nothing is done in the future, he can also make his woman live a good life. But Sensen has become a star, and he may become a superstar in the future. He has to build an empire to hold her up. He didn't mean to make trouble for his grandfather on his birthday. He knew that the old man loved him,titanium machining parts, so he might as well take this opportunity to talk about it, so that the elders would not introduce women to him again and again. Ah? Who does Xiao Chen like? Guan was very surprised. "Grandpa doesn't know!" Mr. Lu was also surprised and asked, "When did it happen?" 。