See you for the first time Author: Muqi

Like an ancient pool, she threw a stone ten years ago, and when she came back ten years later, the stone was still clearly visible under the bottomless pool.


Like an ancient pool, she threw a stone ten years ago, and when she came back ten years later, the stone was still clearly visible under the bottomless pool. Zhong Nian looked up at his emotionless eyes. "Long time no see." The man in front of him held the frame of the mirror. After listening to this sentence, he slightly lowered his chin and said in a quiet voice, "Long time no see." After a pause, he enunciated clearly and read her name, "Zhong, read." Zhong Nianwei nodded, thinking that according to the friendship between the two people, it was almost enough to say hello here, so he went to the door and reached out to pull up the curtain, "I'll go out first." There was no movement in the room. She loosened the curtain, and the two of them were separated by a curtain. She said, "Please come out later, and I will come back to change my clothes. Thank you." Liang Yifeng pulled the corners of his mouth and did not speak. When he saw himself in the mirror, he was always not surprised, even if he was questioned aggressively at the negotiating table, he would not have half a minute to fall into the face of the wind, and there was a look of embarrassment. I haven't seen her for so many years, and it's over when she says "long time no see"? Ho. Dream. He reached out and pulled his tie, twisted his neck slightly, and glanced in the mirror before leaving the dressing room. Long and narrow eyes with cold light, like a flash of lightning in the night to split the world. Warn the world that the rain is pouring down and there is no peace. Zhong Nian, long time no see. He repeated this sentence in his heart. · After the three sets of bridesmaid dresses were changed, Su Huachao asked her what plans she had after returning home and whether she needed her help. Zhong Nian was taking out a rubber band from her bag. She fixed her hair with one hand and tied it with the other hand. While tying her hair, she said, "I sent my resume to Tongcheng Evening News before I came back. They asked me to go to work next week." "Well, the work is good." Su Huachao said. Zhong Nian tied a ponytail, picked up his bag and said, "I'll go first." "Shall we have dinner together tonight?" Su Hua asked. Zhong Nian shook his head. "No." Su Huachao: "What's the matter with you?" "Well, I made an appointment with Sui Yu to have dinner together." Su Hua scolded Sui Yu with a smile and immediately said, "That's all right, but don't forget my wedding the day after tomorrow. Come to my house early." Zhong Nian: "I can't forget." The two men said a few more words, and then Zhong Nian left. After leaving the wedding dress shop, Zhong Nian took out his cell phone and called the missed call last night. After talking to Sui Yu on the phone last night, Zhong Nian sent a text message to the missed call. She said, "Hello, Miss Jin. I'm Zhong Nian. We seem to have taken the wrong suitcase. Do you have time to change it back?" Today the heart "replied:" Good. There will be no follow-up. Zhong Nian called her again now. The phone was quickly cut off. She frowned and stared at the screen of her mobile phone. After a while, she received a text message: "Your address, collapsible bulk containers ,drum spill pallet, I'll send it to you." Zhong Nian hurriedly gave his home address to the past, and after sending it, he received another text message. I'll leave my suitcase with you for the time being. Zhong Nian: Good. After the matter of the box was settled, Zhong Nian's mood was much better. When she had dinner with Sui Yu in the evening, Sui Yu obviously felt her good mood. In fact, although Zhong Nian is clear and cold, she gives people a very cold feeling, but her mood is very easy to handle. When she is in a good mood, she is very relaxed, and there will be a very light smile in her eyes. When she is in a bad mood, she will close her lips and say nothing. If she speaks, she will pull out a very cool smile before opening her mouth. Sui Yu and she have known each other for so many years, and they really feel these clearly. So he also knew that he and Zhong Nian could only maintain the present relationship. One step further, even the present meal is a delusion. Zhong Nian is not a person who needs love very much. She is too sober and rational, and Sui Yu, he is not worthy of her. Of course he loved her, but the love he wanted was hot and wild, and obviously it had nothing to do with these two words. So they just became friends. He has many people around him, but she is his only goddess. He is a scumbag. He is a scumbag. But so what, aren't all the people around him like him because of his money? In the adult world, love is just a matter of getting what you need. After dinner, Zhong Nian went to the toilet and Sui Yu went downstairs to drive. Perhaps because of the wine, Zhong Nian's cheeks were flushed. She fanned her face with her hands, pulled out a piece of paper and wiped her hands and went out of the toilet. The corridor lights outside the toilet are dim, and the black wallpaper absorbs a lot of light. As soon as Zhong Nianfu came out, he looked up and faced Liang Yifeng, who was standing outside the corridor surrounded by several people. He stood upright, wearing a white shirt and a smoky coat folded in half on his right forearm, and several people surrounded him to say flattering words. There was an impatient smile on his face, and his eyes were as cold as the crescent moon by the window. Zhong Nian passed by him without squinting and left. After waiting for her to leave, Liang Yifeng finally could not help shaking his face. Shen Fang looked at his impatient face and immediately let the people around him disperse, saying: "Talk about business tomorrow to the company to find our project manager to talk, according to the process one by one, nothing to disperse." After driving away those people, Shen Fang followed Liang Yifeng. He hunched his back slightly in front of the sink to wash his hands, and his slow movements were particularly reserved. Shen Fang leaned against the door of the bathroom and slowly lit a cigarette. Holding a cigarette in his mouth, he smiled carelessly, "I said that the girl in Sui Yu's car looked so familiar to me."? Third brother, is this the'present heart '? Liang Yifeng's bent back became stiff, and he slowly straightened up and looked coldly at Shen Fang. It was also rare for Shen Fang to see the third elder brother of his family, who was famous in the shopping mall, look so frustrated. He gloated and said, "It seems that the girl doesn't like you very much. When she saw you, she didn't say a word. Tut,plastic pallet crates, tut." Liang Yifeng walked slowly to the front of Shen Fang, and then pulled the corners of his mouth, revealing a smile. Shen Fang looked at the smile on Liang Yifeng's face and sighed in his heart.