Cover the sky

Fire leopard was clapped down by a palm, after the arms burst, from the head began to break inch by inch, and then the primordial spirit, has been spreading to the feet, this process is very strange, progressive, like slowing down the pace.


Fire leopard was clapped down by a palm, after the arms burst, from the head began to break inch by inch, and then the primordial spirit, has been spreading to the feet, this process is very strange, progressive, like slowing down the pace. In the end, there was an echo of an unwilling roar from heaven and earth. His body and spirit were destroyed. There was only a scarlet fog of blood in situ. He was killed clean. This makes everyone's heart is a cold, the fire leopard hide far enough, the body behind the golden snake Sanlang Jun, can still be killed, and is so terrible. Ye Fan alone to the crowd, happy and fearless, here to kill, like a king of the world's overlord, look down on all the heroes. At his feet, the source of the sky array pattern emerged, and now his source of art has reached the peak, the ultimate re-creation of brilliance, almost beyond the source of the book. Golden Snake Sanlang Jun's face was burning. It was like slapping him. Ye Fan killed the person he wanted to protect directly in front of him. The slap was very loud. The Terran Eucharist lives up to its reputation! Golden Snake Da Lang Jun opened his mouth and came step by step, trying to fight against him. At the same time, other people are also moving, now is not the time to fight alone, this is a super enemy, it is best to kill immediately, otherwise there will be endless trouble. The gold-eating beast sneered, and it gained the most. Just now Ye Fan broke the stone man,push button toilet flush valve, and the fragments flew in all directions. The gold-eating beast swallowed the blood fog that flew to him, and there was a small piece of green gold in the fairy tears. It is the treasure of the Holy Spirit, but it is a pity that it has not been channeled yet, and it has not been turned into a weapon and interwoven with Tao lines, otherwise its strength will be even more terrible. When Ye Fan confronted the Holy Spirit on the True Phoenix Tower of the Golden Seven Cities, he saw one of his eyes like green gold, which had been transformed into Sendai for so many years and bred into a weapon. Ye Fan just punched the Holy Spirit and let it fly away carelessly and was swallowed by the gold-eating beast. Hey, hey, kill! The gold-eating beast sneered and moved forward with all the heroes. Do you dare to swallow anything tainted with my divine power? Ye Fan scolded coldly. He had already noticed the action of the gold-eating beast just now. At that moment, the word "soldier" was running,Flush valve price, and his whole body was boiling with divine power. Clang " The gold-eating beast shook violently, trembling all over, and a green gold the size of a dragon's eye flew out of his chest, tearing him apart like a spear. Then the clank of the sword was heard all the time, and this small piece of green gold was like a heavenly sword, chopping vertically and horizontally, almost disassembling the food metal into eight pieces. It has to be said that this is a horrible ancient beast, with a unique constitution, quickly melting its own body, the damaged parts instantly recast intact. And at this time the other people shot, the golden snake big Lang Jun approached forward, the descendants of the ancient gods and demons Sanggu step by step forward, these two supreme peerless powerful, bring people a strong sense of oppression. The heroes cut off the light of Ye Fan's attack, but the green gold flew away and was absorbed into his hands. That's not enough! Ye Fan a long roar, all golden divine light burning, like the Emperor of Heaven down to earth, the outbreak of blood gas instantly increased a large section, the strongest fighting force is undoubtedly obvious. It was the formula of war again, Self-closing Faucet ,Flushometer valve, and once again, the food metal screamed, and the dragon pattern black gold thorn in his right palm rushed in disorder, injuring himself all over. Break, destroy, die! He roared, finally stabilizing his body, melting the dragon's black and gold thorns, and becoming a part of his body. At this point, everyone has raised their vigilance, this opponent can not be used in common theory, the means are unexpected, extremely terrible and powerful. Is the Terran Eucharist going to be invincible? This is a big stone in everyone's heart, this kind of strong and domineering makes people shocked and frightened! "I'll meet you!" Golden Snake Da Lang Jun makes a strong attack. Boom! A blow in the air, landslides and tsunamis, clouds collapse, the vast golden snake gas roll up the sky, like a wave. Golden Snake Dalang Jun has the peerless divine power. He is the top figure who has embarked on the ancient road. He has practiced the skill of transforming snakes into gods to a certain level. Both the primordial spirit and the body are extremely powerful. Why are you talking nonsense with him? Let's kill him together. He killed the enemy in three or five strokes because he burned with all his strength. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to kill! Someone else shouted. "If you want to bully the few with the many, have you asked Master Pang to scrape you one by one?" Pang Bo long roar, such as flying to, and then the dragon horse also arrived. "Just a few of you?" Sanggu, the descendant of the ancient gods and demons, stepped forward coldly, step by step, imprinting in the void, leaving the veins of the road, making all the heavens tremble. There are six or seven people behind him, one by one powerful, is Sanggu's ally. Terran Eucharist, you are finished, even if you have the source art! Someone else shouted. They do not believe that so many people together can not kill Ye Fan and Pang Bo, the twelve saints in addition to the dragon horse, the realm is not enough, they are not afraid. Ye Fan, your end is coming. I want to hold your head and hold a memorial ceremony in front of my brother's tomb! Golden Snake Sanlang roared. However, it was not what everyone had imagined. Someone stepped back and did not come forward. The nine-eyed green toad and Gu Jinpeng looked indifferent and flashed to one side. They opened their mouths to Ji Ziyue and said, "We have a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. In the future, we will have a bloody battle with the holy body of the human race and compete with each other." The two men went away and left the place. On the other side, the white-haired Sirius looked uncertain, and then turned away, because he would not join hands with the Golden Snake clan in any case, rather than that, he would rather fight side by side with Ye Fan. Obviously, this is impossible, Ji Ziyue set up a trap for them, he forbore not to send, choose to quit, secretly look on coldly. Ji Ziyue this side, there are three strong people walked past, choose to join hands with the opposite person, to conquer Ye Fan and so on. Today I will go on a killing spree and taste the blood of the Terran Eucharist! Golden Snake Sanlang Jun smiled sadly, showing a mouth of snow-white teeth, sharp and frightening. More than a dozen people came forward to hunt Ye Fan, each showing strong means. Is it? We are not afraid of this! The dragon horse whistled, and a breath of fresh air rose from his head, and in an instant another version of himself was born. Master Pang will accompany you! When Pang Bo finished speaking, he also performed the secret art of "Qi Hua San Qing", manifesting his Taoist body, which was the same as his real body. He was tall and powerful,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, like a heavenly king in the lower world. Brush! The same is true of Ye Fan's head, where the clear air gathers and turns into the body of the Tao, and the golden blood surges and looks down on the world.