Broken time and space

But for Zhao Li, there is at least one advantage in insisting on the practice of physical fitness, that is, he can cover up the secret of his practice speed.


But for Zhao Li, there is at least one advantage in insisting on the practice of physical fitness, that is, he can cover up the secret of his practice speed. As for the advanced skills, when you get to the army and learn the quick skills, you will have a reason to advance by leaps and bounds. This is also one of the reasons why Zhao Li was able to resist the temptation of other students for a long time. A whole month of vacation, Zhao Li in the practice of fitness, in addition to the necessary time to eat and activities, the rest of the time, Zhao Li in the crazy practice. A month of his full practice may be worth three or four months of penance for others. However, what made Zhao Li most upset was that he had to stop practicing every one to nine weeks, which made Zhao Li, who continued to practice during the holidays, really sad. In his spare time, Zhao Li began to think about how to break through this limitation. After all, this is a body-building technique, a basic skill, and even if it is slightly out of line, it will not be a big problem. According to Zhao Li's inquiry, there are not a few people who have had the idea of Zhao Li, but most of them have failed. The basic body-building technique has been studied by dozens of experts for at least decades, and it is safe and reliable without side effects. Everyone wants to increase the number of cycles in the week to make it easier to lay a foundation, but no one can break through this limitation. Previously,plastic pallet supplier, Zhao Li took the initiative to stop practicing in the process of practicing. After learning this conclusion, he also tried several times. At the end of one to nine weeks, his body would naturally react and passively interrupt practicing. And, in spite of this, it will not cause any damage to the body and practice. With this conclusion, Zhao Li is even more unscrupulous, during the holidays, almost day and night to practice. Except for the limited renovation time,foldable bulk container, I spent almost the whole day in the soundproof room. After half a month in a row, by chance, Zhao Li suddenly woke up from the process of doing exercises, but suddenly found that in the process of doing exercises just now, he seemed to have entered that chaotic state. Zhao Li was surprised by this unconscious state of action. Chapter 005-Shortcuts to Practice The basic body-building technique is only the meridian of Xiaozhoutian, which is the Ren and Du Meridians in the traditional sense. Perhaps read a long time ago, the martial arts novels, Ren Du two veins run through, is the top master. But in fact, the connection of the Ren and Du Meridians is only a necessary stage for Xiao Zhou Tian, and it is also the first problem to be faced when practicing. The Ren and Du Meridians are in the center of the human body, with the Ren Meridian in the front and the Du Meridian in the back, including the most important acupoints in the trunk of the human body. In theory, the upper, middle and lower Dantian are all above the Conception Vessel. The Governor Vessel includes all the acupoints in the location of the spine. Just three Dantian in theory is enough to prove the importance of basic fitness. And whether it is the practice of basic physical fitness, or the practice of more advanced skills, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, but always to guide the flow of the basic Zhenyuan, a little carelessness, is to go crazy, hurt the body and destroy the cultivation. Zhao Li did not know how to get into such a state, but suddenly woke up from the exercise, stunned to find that he had no memory of the previous exercise, or strictly speaking, he seemed to be in a state of unconscious absence, and in such a situation, he had successfully completed the exercise. Obviously, in the process of repeated practice for a long time, the body has developed the habit of instinctively controlling the flow of true elements in the body, even without Zhao Li's deliberate control, it has also carried out normal exercises. The first time such a situation occurred, Zhao Li's reaction was unusually flustered. After all, I've never heard of anyone practicing until they're distracted. Fortunately is the basic fitness technique, temporarily did not cause any damage to the body, frightened, Zhao Li once again began a crazy inquiry. No such description has been found in the state of spiritual practice, but Zhao Li, who has studied ancient Chinese culture since childhood, has found similarities in meditation in Buddhism. Usually, only those eminent monks who have the Tao can enter this unique realm when they meditate in the state of emptiness of the five skandhas. It is simply impossible to enter a state of samadhi in spiritual practice. Always want to guide the flow of the true yuan, the heart is tied, how can we achieve meditation? But Zhao Li remembered very clearly what kind of state he would be in. This uncertain state of practice made Zhao Li very frightened, fearing that something was wrong with him. After a careful practice, but because of the reason of concentration, there is no such situation. Careful physical examination, there is no abnormal performance. However, after this time, Zhao Li no longer dared to practice continuously as before, and people began to leave their rare practice house and appear in the living room. In order to ensure the needs of practice, almost every room suitable for practice is soundproof and shockproof, which is also afraid of being disturbed by accidents in the process of practice. Zhao Li has not come out of his room for a long time to see the world he lives in. To Zhao Li's surprise, he contacted several close classmates in succession, but none of them enjoyed the holidays normally. Everyone was obsessed with the practice of first-level exercises. Even Johnny, who had been clamoring to practice casually, was in such a situation, which made Zhao Li a little surprised. It seems that there are not a few people who have the same idea as themselves, especially among these young people who have just laid the foundation and lifted the ban and can enter the next level of spiritual practice, no one is willing to lag behind. It's not that I haven't thought about consulting my parents, but when I think of my father's serious working attitude, Zhao Li can't help but be afraid. This has never happened before, and Zhao Li is almost certain that his father will let him reproduce the process at that time, record it in detail, and then make a series of studies. This horrible scene, Zhao Li instantly associated with the body of the white mouse. When my parents came home in the evening, what they saw was a somewhat hesitant Zhao Li. What's the matter? Sitting on a comfortable synthetic sofa, Zhao Li's father asked Zhao Li. It was rare to see Zhao Li waiting for them when they came back, which also surprised them. Alas! Zhao Li is still hesitating whether he should confess to his father. However, one side is a free life,spill plastic pallet, one side is a possible white mouse, Zhao Li is not sure, can only sigh.