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In the past, the Japanese pirates relied on the mobile guerrilla strategy, played the officers and soldiers in the palm of their hands, and did not really confront the officers and soldiers.


In the past, the Japanese pirates relied on the mobile guerrilla strategy, played the officers and soldiers in the palm of their hands, and did not really confront the officers and soldiers. Although the officers and soldiers had the advantage of a large number of people, the officers and soldiers never took much advantage. Even the Japanese pirates used the traitors to find out the news and adopted a changeable strategy. When they were strong, they avoided, and when they were weak, they attacked. It was like a civet cat playing with a tiger. The officers and soldiers were overwhelmed and complained bitterly. However, Qi Jiguang's newly established Qi family army was also equipped with the characteristics of mobility and flexibility, so the battle of Longshan was able to take advantage of the Japanese pirates' unpreparedness, killing them and fleeing in defeat. If Prince Fuji hadn't rushed back in time, he would have been almost defeated. Nevertheless, this Japanese pirates have lost more than half, can be described as a great loss of vitality. In the face of such a miserable defeat, Prince Fuji simply wanted to cry without tears, and was so angry that he flew into a rage and scolded Shibei, who stayed in Longshan. You say, what on earth is going on? Shibei knew that he was in the wrong, and all of them bowed their heads and were speechless. Say it! When did you become dumb? The leader had no choice but to say, "I only blame my subordinates for a moment of carelessness. They thought that the newly formed Xiangyong could not become a climate, so they only deployed spies on the officers and men. I didn't expect to make a big mistake because of this." "Ba Ge Ye Lu, are you a pig?"? Qi Jiajun's main generals are all composed of Nangong family. I warned you in advance. How dare you turn a deaf ear to Xiao Wang's words? The leader was so frightened that he knelt down and begged for mercy. "Please forgive me, prince,eye cream packing tube," he said. "If Xiao Wang forgives you, how will he explain to his dead brother?" When the leader heard this, his face changed and he said, "What the prince means is.." "As a ninja leader, you should know the spirit of samurai responsibility," said Prince Fuji. The leader nodded with a pale face. Without saying a word, he pulled out a knife and inserted it into his abdomen. Then he did everything horizontally. Suddenly, blood spattered and his stomach was broken. It was too horrible to look at. The black-clad ninja beside him immediately pulled out his broadsword and cut off his head. Only then did Prince Fuji look with satisfaction at the ninja wielding a knife and say,empty cosmetic tubes, "Yamamoto Masakuma, from now on you will take over as the leader of Shibei." "Hi," said Masakuma Yamamoto cheerfully. Prince Fuji suddenly shouted angrily, "If you miss today, Xiao Wang will never let the Nangong family feel better. You wait and watch." Words did not finish, suddenly heard a scream came. Prince Fuji's face suddenly changed and he said, "Ba Ge Ye Lu!"! Could it be that Qi Jiajun has already attacked the mountain? How is that possible? Masakuma Yamamoto said confusedly, "It shouldn't be like that. Apart from the screams, there is no sound of gold and iron in the battle of weapons." "Well!"! What you said is very reasonable, so I am relieved. Nevertheless, when he arrived at the scene, the heart he had just put down was beating faster. I saw a figure as fast as a ghost, constantly shuttling between the Japanese pirates, carrying the ever-changing knife light, every flash, every flash, polyfoil tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, there are dozens of Japanese pirates decapitated, the scene of a blood spatter, simply too horrible to look at. Like a tiger into a flock of sheep, let it slaughter, let it kill. Although Prince Fuji was ferocious and killed tens of millions of people, in the face of such a horrible situation, he was so frightened that he could not help changing his color and saying, "This.." Who on earth is this man? Yamamoto is a flash of inspiration in the bear's brain, suddenly called out: "Dao God!" " "What?"? Is he the sword God? The Japanese pirates had already lost heart, just scruple Fuji prince in the side, just dare not escape from the team. As soon as I heard that the other side was killing Prince Fuji's trusted ninja in the battle of Suzhou, the sword God who made them afraid, I was scared out of my wits. I was so frightened that all the Japanese pirates screamed and fled immediately. Fuji prince is not much better, even earlier step fled without a trace, in addition to the Yamamoto bear followed closely, the rest of the Japanese pirates even if not dead under the knife Lin Chong, was ambushed under the mountain of QiJiaJun shot to death, can be said to be wiped out, no one was spared. After Qi Jiguang won a great victory, he wanted to find Lin Chong to express his gratitude, but he couldn't find him anywhere. In a hurry, he asked Xiao Qingyun, "Didn't you say that Lin Chong's nephew would wait for me here?" Xiao Qingyun said, "Brother Chong may want to take advantage of the victory to catch all the Japanese pirates occupying Taizhou." "I understand very well that nephew Lin hates evil, but this group of Japanese pirates are good at guerrilla tactics, if there is no tight deployment, I am afraid it will be difficult to annihilate them at one stroke." "In that case, let's hurry up and go to help!" Qi Jiguang had to leave some officers and soldiers to clean up the aftermath, and then led Qi Jiajun to Taizhou. At that time, the area around Taizhou and Qiaotou had been occupied for a long time, and the Japanese pirates had been running around, burning, killing, looting and committing all kinds of crimes. As a result, the common people and residents were displaced and suffered unspeakably, especially the young women were raped. Even the half-old Xu Niang, as long as she had a little beauty, could not be spared. It can be said that the situation was pitiful, and everyone dared not speak out. After the defeat of Prince Fu Tu, he immediately fled to Taizhou to seek refuge with his sister Princess Li Hui, but he did not know that Lin Chong had followed him, but he was afraid to frighten the snake and hide for the time being, so as to wait for Qi Jiguang's arrival and then annihilate them in one fell swoop, so as not to slip through the net. Princess Rie did not know that the crisis was coming, but she and Prince Fuji blamed each other for the defeat. Prince Fuji was so angry that he said, "It's not that you don't know how powerful Qi Jiguang is. Before we incorporated these pirates, we had already heard them say that they had suffered many defeats under Qi Jiguang. Now he has set up another Qi family army. Their freedom of action is not subject to official control. The corrupt officials we bribed before can't control them at all. How can I prevent them?" Princess Rie snorted coldly, "I've warned you before. I want you to retreat to Yanmen Ridge and defend it to the death. You want to covet women in Guangzhou and let the Ten Guards fool around. That's why you lost most of your troops in the battle of Longshan. Shouldn't you, as the commander in chief, take the greatest responsibility?" "Humph!"! You want me to retreat to Yanmen Ridge to defend it,cosmetic plastic tube, but now it's the same as being captured by Qi's army, and it doesn't work at all. "Who told you to lose most of your troops in the battle of Longshan in a moment of carelessness? Of course, the remaining old and weak soldiers can't defend Yanmenling." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com