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As soon as Zheng Dong heard this, he immediately became energetic. He propped himself up and pinched Zhang Yan's chin with his hand.


As soon as Zheng Dong heard this, he immediately became energetic. He propped himself up and pinched Zhang Yan's chin with his hand. His eyes lit up slightly and he said, "Baby, you mean Mr. Li and that Xiaoxu." Zhang Yan slapped off Zheng Dong's hand and said, "What's so surprising? Men and women have loved each other since ancient times." As she spoke, Zhang Yan stretched out her hand and raised it to a high place. She fiddled with the gemstone ring on her hand and said, "I saw it from the first moment she entered the box. She saw Mr. Li as if she had seen a ghost. They were either enemies or.." Zhang Yan spits out two words meaningfully and lightly: "Resentful couple." Then he smiled again and said, "Between a handsome man and a beautiful woman, there is a far greater chance of being a resentful couple than of being an enemy, so I conclude that not only do these two people know each other, but there may have been an indescribable entanglement between them." Zhang Yan smiled carelessly. As soon as her words fell, Zheng Dong immediately sat up from the bed, reached out his hand and patted his thigh hard, saying: "If this is really the case, then Xiaoxu will be my God of Wealth in the future." Zheng Dong's eyes were shining and his face was excited. When he was excited, the whole bed shook faintly. Seeing this, Zhang Yan was somewhat puzzled and said, "Lao Zheng, is that Mr. Li really so powerful?" In her eyes, the Zheng family in the whole sea city has been regarded as the rich and powerful family in the rich and powerful family. The Zheng family has a great cause, with assets of tens of billions of yuan, spanning many fields. It is a rich man in the eyes of many people. But today, in front of Mr. Li,ghana seed extract, he is obviously much older than the other side, but he grovels in front of the other side like a younger generation. Zhang Yan was shocked. After listening to Zhang Yan's words, Zheng Dong only looked at her with a smile. After a while, he reached out his hand and pinched her nose and said, "Baby, this sentence really stopped me. Let's put it this way. Mr. Li is not fierce. I don't know how fierce he is. I only know that the Li family is as rich as a country, and it is not a small country, but a great country. Let's put it this way." Perhaps even the Li family themselves can not count how much wealth they have,carnosic acid price, their industry into space, into the deep sea, forever immeasurable. At this point, Zheng Dong only narrowed his eyes slightly and said greedily, "As long as you have a little relationship with the Li family, not to mention what you want to shoot in the future, what's the harm if you want to build another entertainment circle in the future?" Zheng Dong boastfully said. When Zhang Yan heard this, her whole heart was beating wildly. Fortunately, she had not provoked the man just now. She knew that she could not afford to provoke him. Fortunately, she had not offended the woman tonight. Chapter 149 149 Probably after drinking, she took the elevator. As soon as she came down from upstairs, Xu Sidi covered her mouth and almost vomited in the lobby of the hotel. Fortunately, Saihe rushed out immediately and helped her outside the hotel. Xu Sidi squatted at the gate outside the hotel and retched directly. The service staff of the hotel immediately ran to the front and back of the saddle. Xu Sidi was very embarrassed. I even vomited at the gate. After vomiting, Xu Sidi's body was weak and her whole body was weak. Sai Helian hugged her and said with a distressed look on his face, "If I had known earlier, I shouldn't have let you go. I drank like this and was in such a mess. What's the point of such a choice?" In her impression, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, Xu Sidi is a big laughing flower, she is always noble and beautiful, holy like a snow lotus on the Tianshan Mountains. Saihe could not help but regret the previous "coercion", only felt that such Xu Sidi was polluted by the filth of the world. In fact, for life, everyone has his own choice, who is qualified to teach who? Just as she was regretting, Xu Sidi hugged Saihe slightly, leaned on her shoulder and suddenly smiled. She gently approached her ear and said with a smile, "Hehe, it's done." As he spoke, he said happily, "I got the role." When Xu Sidi smiled, her eyes were curved and full of water, as clean as a good spring, and her face was innocent and lovely. This is the first time in the past two years, no, in so many years, Saihe has seen Xu Sidi smile so happily, as happy as a child, proudly showing off in front of her parents or elders. When Saihe saw it, he smiled slowly. After a pause, he said, "Well, you're awesome. You, Xu Sisi, are the best. Shall we go out and have a big meal together tomorrow? Tonight, go home and rest first." Saihe is rarely patient to comfort and pursue Xu Sidi. In fact, the moment Director Zhang came down with her, she had already guessed it. Just then, she made an appointment for an online taxi. Before placing the order, there was still a faint pain. It was more than one hundred. But when she saw Xu Sidi's soft appearance, she said to herself that it was lucky that she had made an appointment in advance, otherwise she would not be able to pick her up. The car was parked at the door of the hotel. Saihe carefully helped Xu Sidi to come over. But as soon as she reached the door of the car, Xu Sidi woke up completely when she saw the car parked at her feet. She took two or three steps back in a panic, and felt a faint chill behind her. When Saihe saw it, he exclaimed, "What's the matter, Sisi?" Xu Sidi stared at the car for a long time. Then she breathed a sigh of relief and said to Saihe, "Headache, Hehe. I want to have a rest." With these words, he sat down on the steps in front of the hotel. When Saihe saw that she looked different, he immediately went to apologize to the driver and took her away. As soon as he turned around, he saw that Xu Sidi had no joy on her face before, and she was a little out of her mind, just like she had just come out of the training camp two years ago. Saiho wriggled his lips, wanted to ask, and finally swallowed it back. The next day, after sobering up, Xu Sidi went directly to the crew to get the contract,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and directly got the role of Diao Chan in On the Three Kingdoms without trying again. The role that most of the actresses in the entertainment circle were competing for was taken away by her, a newcomer who had only been a bit player. If other actresses knew about it, they would be angry.

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