Puppet Master [Star]

This kind of bomb only needs about 25 kilograms, and 50 kilograms can basically blow up almost half of the earth.


This kind of bomb only needs about 25 kilograms, and 50 kilograms can basically blow up almost half of the earth. At that time, the earth will be like a half-eaten moon by Tengu, leaving only half a sphere floating in the universe. At that time, this kind of antimatter bomb only existed in the hypothesis of scientists, because at the level of science and technology at that time, antimatter was almost impossible to produce and preserve, so scientists at that time only did some basic tests and hypotheses. But now, after thousands of years, today's human beings are no longer the same. Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of human science and technology, people have gradually discovered more things and more discoveries in the process of exploring the universe. Many things that could not be done before have been done one by one. So today's human beings not only successfully produce antimatter, but also use antimatter as a kind of fuel. All kinds of spaceships and mecha need a lot of energy and fuel to travel in the universe, and the fuel needed for a long time of space travel is huge. Without fuel, you can't travel between stars, you can't explore and discover more things,naringenin price, and the energy generated by the explosion and annihilation of antimatter can just meet this demand, so in the mainstream of modern society, people basically use this substance as fuel. But it's not impossible to use it as a weapon. The allied forces also used this kind of thing to blow up those insects. It's just that the cost of making antimatter bombs is very high, and the antimatter that can be made is only a few grams after a long time of tossing and turning. If you spend so much energy to do something without return, this plan will naturally be rejected by the allied forces. However, just as some criminals are desperate to smuggle guns and fire, just as pirates dared to rob research institutes for money,akba boswellic acid, there are always a few people in the world who can load this kind of planet bomb on their own spacecraft for personal gain or purpose. Fister in front of Lyle is such an obvious example. This guy is like a terrorist with a bomb strapped to his body. He is so arrogant that he threatens you with his own life, but you can't do anything about him. So Lyle could only sigh to Fister: "You are really a madman." "You can't be crazy." Fister laughed. He showed Lyle, "As you've seen before, the mutant that was just killed by your doll. Oh, that's a terrible defect. I want to make something more perfect, something more perfect than the doll around you. For this, I need a lot of human materials, a lot of goods. The Alliance doesn't allow me to do this. I have to do it myself." Fister is still smiling: "But being discovered by the alliance is also a very bad situation, so in order to be able to in the worst case, still have a chance to get away with it, I chose to load this kind of star bomb on my ship, fenugreek saponins ,ghana seed extract, what do you think?" Lyle did not answer and looked at him in silence. Fister did not mind Lyle's silence. He continued leisurely: "Now, I think we should have a chance to communicate in private. Of course, I am not interested in communicating with you now. Young man, why don't you help me, the old man, to help us kill the insects outside?" "I want to see my companion first." Lyle didn't want to back down. "I can help you, but you have to hand over all my companions." Lyle tried to get the best for himself under the most extreme conditions. When he heard Fister's words, he vaguely guessed that Fister must have done some extremely horrible human experiments on the earth, and that the poor mutant he had seen before, who had been killed by Ska, made Lyle have a relevant association. Lyle thought of the lost reconnaissance team, the inexplicable landing of the Zerg on Earth, and the sight of Fister's group delivering "goods" in the nest before, Lyle could guess that the lost reconnaissance team members, including Asho, might be in their hands. With this in mind, Lyle felt it necessary to dig his companions out of Fister's hands. But the opposite Fister obviously began to be impatient, said: "I said before, as long as you help me exterminate those Zerg outside …" No, you don't even need to destroy them completely, just delay time, let us have enough time to repair the ship, then I can even drive the ship to send you and your companions to a safe place, I said before the "benefits", I will also cash to you as promised, what are you worried about, do you think I will break my promise? "It's not a question of eating or not eating." Lyle continued to negotiate with Fister. He pretended to be calm. "I think I have more than one companion on your ship. As long as you promise to let them all go, I will do as you say." "Oh.." I see Fister seemed to understand something. "Is there anyone you know in the group of refugees I caught?" "A refugee?" Lyle was slightly stunned, but did not say anything. "Yes, there are some of my companions," he said. Fister frowned. "That's not good. I'm sorry. If you do have companions among those refugees, I can't guarantee that they are still intact." Lyle's heart sank a little. "What do you mean?" "They are experimental materials for me." Fister looked indifferent, spread out his hands helplessly, and smiled sarcastically at Lyle. "So I've done some interesting experiments on them, and of course I may have accidentally killed one or two of them, and they may all become like just now.." Yeah, like the mutant that your puppet killed. I hope you don't mind. Lyle was restless, but when he heard the other side's words,turmeric extract powder, he became angry in vain, but Lyle did not show it. He could not help clenching his fist, tearing off the tentacles of anger that crawled out of his heart and swallowing them back into his stomach. He should be calm and deal with the other party calmly. prius-biotech.com