Buddha is originally the Tao.

"This amulet has been sacrificed for six years in my life. In times of crisis, you can use the amulet to save the nine phoenixes for a while.".


"This amulet has been sacrificed for six years in my life. In times of crisis, you can use the amulet to save the nine phoenixes for a while.". You can go to the Taiyin Pass first. My daughter and other disciples are all there. They will help you get things done together. Nezha took the seal and thought about it carefully. He had doubts in his heart. He couldn't help asking, "The Great Emperor has boundless magic power. Why don't you do it yourself? I believe that Shidi will also sell the Great Emperor's favor, and Miss Jiufeng will also listen to the Great Emperor's arrangement." Zhou Qing said, "This is a matter of deep cause and effect, and it will eventually come to an end. Besides, Kunpeng has set up a magic lamp to guide himself. Even I can't do anything about it. Over the past few years, he has assassinated my disciples many times. Although he has not succeeded, it is a trouble. Especially when he seized the Hun yuan Jin Dou, I calculate today that it is the opportunity for me to return to the treasure. Seven years ago, I reversed the secret of heaven. It is also for this reason. It This strategy has just been put forward. The secret can not be revealed, you do not have to ask, as long as the danger, the release of the seal is. When Nezha heard this, he stopped asking questions. When he got out of the palace, he was afraid that it would not be safe. He asked the Dragon Lady for the Immortal Sword and hid it on his body. Then he hurried down to the lower world. When I came to Taiyin Pass, I saw Liao Xiaojin, Wen Lanxin, Zhou Zhu, big and small foxes, and Wen Lanxin's disciples. Brother Nezha, you were ordered by my teacher to rescue Miss Jiufeng? Resolve the wrongs of that year? Achieve good things? When Wen Lanxin saw Nezha coming in, he ordered Xiang Hui and his wife to serve tea and asked with a smile. Nezha blushed and stammered. He just nodded, but did not speak after all. Seeing that Nezha was in a hurry, Zhou Zhu chuckled and said, "We have come here on the orders of my father to help my natural brother seize the two swords of yuan Tu and Ah Bi.". Naturally,best green coffee bean extract, his brother's uncle Dong Yong will also come to help him. Sakyamuni will subdue the Styx River and sweep away the evil spirits around the emperor. In the future, the world will be divided into three parts, each depending on its own strength. "So that's it," said Nezha. "The Great Emperor has such a plan." At that moment, several people climbed the high platform of the Taiyin Pass and watched the changes of the celestial phenomena. Zhuanxu! Why don't you come out and die, you little man! The sound of Jiao drink, like rolling thunder, almost the whole South China Sea county can hear clearly, the sky suddenly changed,rosmarinic acid supplement, dark clouds, wind howling, the sky is almost low to press down. The nine phoenixes urged Xuanming witchcraft to cover the sky of the whole imperial city. Fortunately, by Zhou Qing caressed, the whole body of the gas out of the majority, nine phoenixes did not kill, if according to the day's temper, would have rushed down, the whole city to kill a clean. When Wang Yin-yang heard the cry, he couldn't keep himself alive. He jumped out with his sword in the air. He was followed by several guards. They were the Demon King Boxun, the Great Burning Heaven, the Desire Heaven, Shiva, the Punishment Heaven, and Xiangliu. Aunt, it seems that things are not good! Shall we go up and have a look? Zhang Ziran and the watermelon came out of the room, heard the nine phoenixes shout, hurriedly way. Go up there and die! The watermelon took a natural look and shouted. The swan geese and others were also looking for fun in the imperial city. When they heard the noise, pumpkin seed extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, they all came out to watch, but no one dared to go up. Don't you dare come to see me! When the nine phoenixes saw Wang Yin and Yang coming out, they were furious. They were about to come forward with a bone sword, but they were stopped by Xing Tian. You are also a branch of my sorcery, dare to stop me. Nine phoenixes are furious. "Ten thousand years have passed since the decline of the sorcery school," said Xing Tian. "It's hard for us to settle down. Why do you bother to come out to look for the past?" "If I don't tell you," said Jiufeng angrily, "will you get out of the way?" "Stand aside," said Wang Yin-yang, "and let me tell you." Xing Tian had to step aside. Seeing Wang Yin-yang come up, the nine phoenixes pointed their swords at his face and scolded him, saying, "You little man, you're a holy emperor in vain. I'll kill you today. Do you still have something to say?" Wang Yin-yang said, "In those days, I was also bewitched for a while, but I was traveling eastward for this matter. The number of days is doomed, and your sorcery door will be completely destroyed. Otherwise, with your habits, if you become the mother of the holy queen, the sorcery door will not be able to live in peace. Even if you can live in peace for a while, if you are bewitched by others in the future, you will harm me and create a greater disaster. Won't my religion be extinct?"? Sacrifice me alone, so that people teach Daxing, also worth it, and you have killed me once, let me reincarnation for thousands of generations, I received the mandate of heaven, get out, and now teach people, how do you still pester endlessly. ” The nine phoenixes stabbed me in the face with a sword and scolded me, "You're still talking nonsense. When you poisoned me and harmed my people, I killed you, but I defiled my body. If you don't destroy your spirit and form, how can you be willing to give up?" "How dare you be rude!" Bo Xun, the demon king, came up with a knife and held the bone sword. The four demons fought together and surrounded the nine phoenixes. The nine phoenixes were furious. A sword shook off the demon king Bo Xun's sword of the underworld. With a spin and a scream, he sent out the Xuanming bone arrow. Bo Xun's magic power was not as strong as that of the nine phoenixes. Zhenyuan, who was shaken by an arrow, rushed back and was hit through the wrist by the following bone arrow. The left hand of the sword of the underworld flew away. In one fell swoop, the four demons were shaken open, and the nine phoenixes stabbed Wang Yin and Yang, but were blocked by Xing Tianxiangliu. Five years ago, the Taoist Duobao sent me a message saying that if there was a big disaster, he would go to the Saha Pure Land outside the East China Sea to find him. He would help me resolve the crisis. Now is the time to go. Wang Yin and Yang thought of Fu in his heart. He raised his sword to protect himself and took advantage of several people to fight. He went all the way to the East China Sea. He became a puppet emperor, usually not even free to move, by the four demons, Xing Tianxiangliu see dead, now is a good opportunity to get rid of control, but also can ask the Duobao Taoist to help him. At that time, the Taoist Duobao served as the leader of the Tongtian Sect and assisted him. The invisible poison that poisoned the nine phoenixes was that the Taoist Duobao took advantage of King Pan to enter samadhi and stole the land quietly. Although King Pan knew it, he did not dare to offend Zhuanxu. He had to turn a blind eye. "Ah!" When the nine phoenixes saw that Wang Yin and Yang had escaped, they let out a mournful roar and threw out the golden scissors. A piece of golden light wrapped around the two mating golden dragons and cut them straight toward Xing Tian. Xing Tian knew that Jin Jiao had cut the ground badly in the Black Wind Mountain. He hurriedly arched his body and turned it into a green and black crystal light. He also fled to the East China Sea. The wind used Jin Jiao scissors to fight for more than a dozen rounds, wring off the weapons of the four demons, and drove the four demons out of the tight encirclement. Finally, he rushed out of the tight encirclement, chased after them,tannic acid astringent, and disappeared in an instant. Zhuanxu has gone to the Saha Pure Land! "Xiang Liu flew back.". The Great Burning Sky showed five hands and five faces, riding the true body of a three-headed python. The four great demons ran after him together. "I was just about to ask him to go to the Pure Land," said Bo Xun! The Tathagata wants to fight nine phoenixes. How can you resist the supernatural power of the religious leader? 。 prius-biotech.com