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This guide will take you through the basics of gambling. There are plenty of different items you can gamble, each with a chance to spawn modifications that can make them extremely valuable.


Gambling Guide

This guide will take you through the basics of gambling.  There are plenty of different items you can gamble, each with a chance to spawn modifications that can make them extremely valuable.  Below are my recommendations for gambling, and the modifications to look out for that could make you rich!

Coronets:   Coronets are my favourite D2R Ladder Items to gamble as (in my opinion) they provide the most consistent results, with the chance to gamble something with incredible stats.  I always gamble coronets and not circlets because as part of the gambling process the item has a chance to be upgraded twice, so a coronet can be upgraded to either a tiara or a diadem.  This means there is a chance we could gamble a Griffon’s Eye!  If you gamble circlets, they can be upgraded to either coronets or tiaras.

                 The main modifications to look out for are +2 to Skills (e.g. Sorceress / Druid etc) combined with 20% Faster Cast Rate.  These 2 on their own are useful but not worth much, when combined with one or more of the following modifications it can become very valuable:

  • Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Energy)
  • Life / Mana
  • Faster Run / Walk
  • 2 Sockets

Another one to look out for is a tiara or diadem with 3 sockets and either Fast Run / Walk or Faster Cast Rate, these are also valuable and worth keeping.

Rings:        When gambling rings we are primarily looking for Rare (Yellow) rings with lots of modifications that work together, there is also a chance of gambling Unique rings and potentially a Stone of Jordan!

                 The value of rings is calculated on a points system ranging between 1 and 6, a 1 point ring has almost no value but a 6 point ring would make you extremely rich.  Points are given based on the ring’s modifications and how high the roll is on the modification.  Applicable mods are shown below:

  • Faster Cast Rate (10)
  • Strength (1 – 20)
  • Dexterity (1 – 15)
  • Life (1 – 40)
  • Mana (1 – 90)
  • Attack Rating (10 – 120)
  • Replenish Life (3 – 9)
  • All Resistances (3 – 11)
  • Single Resistance (5 – 30)
  • Minimum Damage (2 – 9)

                 The ring is awarded a point if the modification is above 66% of the maximum value, half a point for between 33 – 66% and no points for under 33%.  For example, 20 Life would be awarded 0.5 points, whereas 65 Mana would be awarded 1 point.

                 To be worth a reasonable amount the ring needs to have a minimum of 4 points, anything under 4 points may still be useful and sell for a small amount but you shouldn’t get too excited about!

Amulets:    With Amulets we can target both Magic (Blue) and Rare (Yellow) types, whilst also having the chance to gamble a Unique amulet too, similar to rings.

                 For blue amulets we are looking for +3 to Skills (e.g. Lightning Skills, Elemental Skills etc) combined with either 10 Faster Cast Rate or Magic Find.  Other blue amulets may be useful to individual players but are unlikely to hold much value.

                 Yellow amulets are where it is possible to find something with high value.  We are looking for +2 to Skills (e.g. Sorceress, Druid etc) combined with 10 Faster Cast Rate as a minimum.  On top of these modifications, we also want some utility on there, similar to coronets.  Any combination of utility with the Skills and Faster Cast Rate is likely to be worth something, if you can get 2 – 3 additional (useful) modifications with high rolls then you could be looking at something very valuable!

Claws:       Claws are very niche and unlikely to provide you with a consistent income.  The gamble here is that there is a specific set of modifications that if you’re lucky enough hot, would be worth more than anything else you could gamble!  I must admit, I do enjoy gambling claws for this reason!

                 The specific set of modifications we are looking for are the following:

  • + to Trap Skills (Assassin)
  • + to Lightning Sentry (Assassin)
  • Increased Attack Speed
  • 2 Sockets

                 The ultimate claw would be +3 to Trap Skills, +3 to Lightning Sentry, 40% Increased Attack Speed and 2 Sockets.  If you find this and you sell it for the right amount you will have enough currency to buy a full character of end game items.  This is extremely rare, however there are lesser claws that still have value.  For example, if you gambled +3 to Trap Skills and +3 to Lightning Sentry you can take this to Larzuk and use your socket quest – this will give you a 50% chance to get 2 sockets, and if you do these will also be valuable. If you'd rather skip farming you can quickly Buy D2R Items from our RPGStash D2R Store.

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