Improve your trading experience with Coinbase Advanced Trade

Coinbase offers simple and advanced trading. Advanced trading is for experienced traders and is subject to the Trading Rules.


We all dream of getting a level up in every field with which we are associated. The world is dynamic and so is the crypto industry. The teams, groups, or people dealing in this market always look for new ways to climb a step next in the ladder. The same belief is of the most renowned crypto platform Coinbase.

With the aim of providing a better and more advanced trade to the crypto professionals, the team has decided to bring some modification to the crypto trade and investment by shutting down the “Coinbase Pro” and replacing it with Coinbase Advanced Trade.

In this read, we will be gathering the basic details associated with this newly launched platform and how it will give users an exceptional trading experience.

What has Coinbase advanced trade brought?

The general question that almost every investor is asking is what this new platform is bringing for crypto investors/traders. Alternatively, what are the added features that are making this platform different from the former one?

Well, the question is quite generous and we will be finding the answers to it in this section of the document. The team working to improve the crypto trade and investment process decided to add some of the lineaments that were not in the Pro. We will first have a look at the features that are added to this platform. They are:

Rewards: Coinbase Advanced Trade gives investors the option to earn up to 7% APY on eligible crypto balances like USDC, staked ETH (ETH2), and more. This feature was not in the Pro platform.

Variety of charts: The former platform has some limited charts available for investors that include EMA12 and EMA26 indicators only. To erase this limitation, the new platform has come up with a wide range of charts by TradingView with EMA, MA, MACD, RSI, and drawing tools.

Common attributes

The other common features that were present in the former platform also are the maker and the taker fee. The fee charged on both platforms are the same. Both platforms give you the same order type options- Market, Limit, and Stop limit. The advanced trading platform has come up with some advanced security features to protect the interest of its investors.

In a nutshell, this platform has added up the features that were earlier absent on the Pro platform. Another added advantage is that the advanced platforms charge the same platform.

Finishing it up!! is made for experienced investors to give them an improved trading experience. For this, the team has added some advanced trading tools to the platform that helps the traders in getting a quick insight into the market fluctuations and activities.