Downloaded app not showing on iPhone? Ways to fix it!



After downloading an app, you may find that it has disappeared from your iPhone's home screen. Apps disappearing from your device can be frustrating but fear not. In this article, I will guide you on how to fix downloaded webpage apps that do not appear on the iPhone home screen. 


  1. Check App Store whether the application is installed or not. 

This is the first thing you must do. It is possible that you or someone accidentally deleted the app or the download was interrupted. 

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone. 
  2. Enter the names of the missing applications on the home screen. 


- If you see an app next to Search, the app is either not installed or previously uninstalled. You can tap Search and reinstall the app. 

- If you see Open next to an app, it means the app is installed on your iPhone. 


  1. Allow apps to appear on the iPhone home screen 

By enabling these settings, you can ensure that all installed apps are displayed on the home screen. 

 1) Open Settings. 

 2) Select Home screen. 

 3) Enable display on home screen.

Even if the app is not on the home screen after installation, you can do the following trick. 

Drag an app from the application library to the home screen 

Open the application library. 

Press and hold an application and drag it to the home screen. 


  1. Search in folders to find hidden apps 

I'm a person who organizes all the apps on my home screen into folders. If you do the same, it may happen that the desired application is hidden in the folder. So open all the folders and see if they contain the application you are looking for. 

When you find it, drag it out of the folder or put it somewhere you can easily see it. 


  1. Show apps from Screen Time 

If you accidentally hide an app, it's no wonder that the app is gone from your iPhone. 

  1. Open Settings. 
  2. Select Screen Time. 
  3. Tap Content and Privacy Restrictions. 
  4. Select Allowed apps. 
  5. Enable the app you want to enable. 
  6. Go back and tap on Content Restrictions. 
  7. Select Applications. 
  8. Now tap on Enable All. 


  1. Show all your apps by showing home screen pages 

When you hide a home screen page on your iPhone,  the apps on that page are also hidden. So let's bring up these pages: 

Long tap on the home screen to enter scroll mode. 

Touch the slider dots at the bottom of the screen. 

Enable the images you want to see. 

Tap Done in the top right corner. 


  1. Use Spotlight to find apps 

I'm being honest here; I'm still having a hard time finding this app on my iPhone home screen even after I'm convinced it's there. So the best way is to use  Spotlight on your iPhone. You can open Spotlight and search for an app. 


  1. Open a missing app with Siri 

In addition to Spotlight, Siri can also search for missing apps on your iPhone. Invoke Siri and ask them to open the app you're looking for. 


  1. View purchased apps and download them again 

If you use your device connected to Family Sharing,  you cannot download an app if someone has hidden it. Note that this will not hide the app if it is already loaded. you can't reload it. Here's how you can feature apps in the App Store.


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