Major Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Trends

Having a strategic approach to talent acquisition is a prerequisite. It helps find the best matches for long-term goals!


The year ended with one of the most disrupting times for various industries where businesses saw one of the most extensive layoffs of 2022. Headlines appeared almost every other day where organizations like Twitter slashed half of their workforce followed by Meta cutting almost 13% of their employee capacity. 

Such a scenario is hardly a good sign that the world’s largest companies reduce their headcounts all at once. And when the global community is facing the repercussion of the ‘great layoffs’ it’s of utmost importance that Talent Acquisition (TA) managers reexamine their roles and responsibilities. 

Virtual Interviewing

The pandemic of COVID-19 opened up gates for remote working and it has become a major trend in talent acquisition and retention, looking set to continue in 2023 as well. Despite many organizations opting to open up, the remote working environment is here to stay and the entire notion has become much bigger than it was before the pandemic. Along similar lines, remote interviewing has become the norm and has remained relevant in the post-pandemic years.

DEI Policy

With changing business tides, it is very important for organizations to also focus on issues that are social in nature. And diversity and inclusion are one such area that directly affects talent acquisition and recruitment. Having a strategy in place that will help bring diversity and inclusion will not just help organizations boost their profitability but also gain a competitive advantage. The goal of recruiters for this year should align with DEI, i.e., identifying and including a wider diversity of candidates in the talent pool.

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