Quantum boards in Canada

Hello everyone, today I will recommend three quantum boards canada to everyone! If you need it, just keep reading!

Hello everyone, today I will recommend three quantum boards canada to everyone! If you need it, just keep reading!

1.ECO Farm Separately UV IR Control Dimmable Quantum Board

1) Ultra-thin and ultra-light design with high heat dissipation aluminum heat-sink board.

2) Dual-channel spectrum control, with controllable UV IR switch, smart control.

3) Whole light hydroponics quantum board ,endure wet planting environment,longer life span.

4) 2 options using methods, hang or stand based on your requirement of planting.

5) quantum board samsung 301b


2.ECO Farm 100W/220W/460W/660W Quantum Board

1. Shorten growth cycles
2. Improve color, shape and taste
3. Plant growth is not affected by the weather
4. Custom light recipe to fit your crop situation
5. Best grow lights for indoor plants
6. Increase yield crоp quality
7. Low maintenance costs
8. Easy to mount and connect


ECO Farm 480W Quantum Board

· High-efficiency quantum boards
· Full-Spectrum light for better results
· Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
· Perfect performance for veg and bloom
· Dimmable
· IR UV are independently controlled
· Cycle Timing design


To learn more, you can visit our official website: ECO Farm led

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