2021 Wall Art Recommendation!

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Don't you find the empty walls boring and monotonous? Do you need a home remodel or refreshment? We have collected some easy and interesting DIY wall designs for you that would spice up your interior design. Take a look at our suggestions and illustrations and decide to renovate your own home.

1. Garden flag 32x47cm polyester custom and design your own flag

Are you searching for a beautiful and unique way to make your outdoor space attractive? If you are, look no further than our garden flags. Add an interactive element to your yard with a decorative flag.  Accessories structure: Without rod, the width of the insert rod opening is 5.5 cm and the tie rope is 20 cm x 4. Product performance: The color is bright and beautiful, does not fade, has a long time storage and is durable. Wire-free, strong, firm and unbreakable, washable.

[Image: BanderadejardinPoliesterLaimpresionportr...spana5.jpg]

Other description:

Name: Polyester Garden Flag 31x46cm
Product number: JJ0518000
Product Material: Polyester
Washing Instructions: It is recommended to wash by hand instead of bleaching.

Design Notes:

Full-frame printing, double-sided printing
Layout area: 32 x 47 cm (12.2 x 18.1 inches)
Image Requirements: 990 px * 1500 px

2. Flag polyester thermal transfer printing design and print your own flag

Are you looking for durable custom flag banners at a low price?  We’ve got you covered!  These polyester flag banners are a great way to display what you want to advertise for new and potential customers. This product has these characteristics. Product performance: Bright and beautiful colors, long storage time, durable, strong and unbreakable, washable. Applicable scenarios: Terrace, balcony, backyard, lawn or garden, etc. Washing instructions: Hand wash and machine wash are available. We are a company specialized in customization, rich in experience, and an integrated company of industry and trade, with the lowest price in the whole network and high quality, choose us to give you a pleasant shopping experience. We can customize any item you want. Your name, your photo, your pet's photo, etc. Any item you want can be customized for you through our technology. Our products are of better quality.

[Image: BanderaPoliesterLaimpresionportransferen...evida2.jpg]

Other description:

Name: flag
Product number: GY0904001
Production process: Thermal transfer printing
Product Material: Polyester

Design Notes:

Full-width single-sided printing
Layout area: 35 '' × 59 ''; 47 '' × 70 ''
Image Requirements: 2000 px * 1200 px

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