New World's Legacy of Crassus Event Offers Rare Loot and Rewards

Amazon Games' massively multiplayer online action RPG, New World, has announced its latest event, Legacy of Crassus.



Amazon Games' massively multiplayer online action RPG, New World, has announced its latest event, Legacy of Crassus. This limited-time event invites players to defeat the Corrupted Legion of Crassus and his monstrous centurions, Lucanus and Decimus, to save the fictional North Atlantic island of Aeternum from Roman dominion.

Unleash the Power of Rome in New World

After the troubled launch of New World in September 2021, the game's popularity declined due to persistent issues, resulting in mediocre reviews. However, Amazon Games continues to roll out new content and events, including Legacy of Crassus, which features the might of Rome returning to Aeternum.

Collect Exclusive Items with Legacy of Crassus Event!

New World players can battle Lucanus and Decimus in two new level 66 boss fights and unlock eight exclusive weapons and armor pieces. The event offers players a chance to challenge these bosses by looking for portals opening around New World's island of Aeternum, which can be found at Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove.

By defeating Lucanus and Decimus, players can earn New World Coins, a random leveled item, or a named item from Brimstone Sands or greater Aeternum. In addition, each victory deposits one of eight random legendary items in a special reward cache. These include the Wrath of Decimus Great Axe, Hoplites Great Blade, Cuirass of Decimus Heavy Chest Armor, Fists of Decimus Heavy Gauntlets, Sagittar of Lucanus Bow, Vesuvius Fire Staff, Galea of Lucanus Medium Helm, and Hobnailed Boots of Lucanus Medium Boots.

New World players are guaranteed to unlock all of these items after defeating Lucanus and Decimus eight times. Moreover, the daily rewards will also include one to three Obsidian Gypsum, 500 Umbral Shards, and a Craft Mod with a 25% chance to add powerful effects to New World's crafted items.

The upcoming Legacy of Crassus event is an exciting opportunity for New World fans to collect exclusive Roman-inspired gear and earn New World Gold by defeating the Corrupted Legion and their monstrous centurions. Don't miss out on this limited-time event and unleash the power of Rome in New World!

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