Experience Spot Margin Trading with the Bybit login

You can opt for another pathway if you wish so. After reaching the “Assets” page, you can click on the “Spot” option, and from there you can turn off the margin trading by toggling the button


We all know that trading is an essential aspect associated with the crypto market but there are several types of trading that are supported by the crypto platforms. And to have knowledge of each of them becomes quite important when you want to govern your crypto funds. 

So, today with this document, we have come up with a different operation associated with the Bybit login. Walk with us through the entire content to know about the margin trading supported by this platform and how to enable and disable it.

Let’s dive into the content. Shall we??

Cognizance at the Spot Margin Trading

Before you kick-start enjoying having spot margin trading on Bybit, first have a cursory check at what does this trading means. To define it briefly, “Margin Trading” is a derivate product that is based on “Spot Trading.” Users can make use of their assets available in the spot account as collateral with the help of Margin trading. 

Further, users can even utilize them to borrow funds from Bybit. This practice is adopted by the investors to buy and sell larger assets as compared to the assets available in their wallets with leverage on the spot market. 

After having a brief idea of the Sport Margin Trading, let’s navigate to the next section of the read to know how to commence this trading with a Bybit login.

Set the ball rolling for the Spot Margin Trading

Before we jump into the comprehensive steps involved in executing the Spot Margin Trading, do note that this can be done using the web and the mobile app as well. We will be elaborating on the steps that are to be performed in the case of mobile app.

To know the detailed steps involved, give a quick peep into the series of actions listed down:

  1. Open the app on your mobile device and complete the Bybit login steps accurately
  2. Move to the bottom of the app and click on “Trade”
  3. Now, select “Margin Trading” for switching over to “Spot Margin Trading”
  4. Thoroughly read and understand the “Margin Trading Service Agreement” and then click on “Confirm”
  5. Walk through a short introduction before starting the process and then hit on “Acknowledge Agree”
  6. Now, it's time to place an order. The parameters that you’ll have to mention for it (after considering BTC/USDT as an instance) are:
  • Select the Leverage: 5X (Maximum)
  • Trade direction: Long or Short
  • Order type: Limit, Market, or Conditional
  • Type in the order price or trigger price (available only for Limit and Conditional orders)
  • Adjust the order value: Either mention the quantity or use the percentage bar to provide the order value
  1. Review the provided details thoroughly and then choose either of the two displayed options: Buy/Long BTC or Sell/Short BTC
  2. All done now. The system will then on your behalf borrow the funds to process the activity 

Looking to disable the Margin Trading?

Do you want to turn off the Margin Trading?

If Yes, then you can do it easily. For this, you’ll have to perform a couple of actions and they are listed down:

  1. Get into your account after completing the Bybit login steps
  2. Navigate to the “Spot Trading” or “Assets” page
  3. Tap on the three vertical dots, next to the “Margin 5X”
  4. An option will then appear labeled as “Turn Off Margin”, hit on it
  5. Done. This will disable the margin trading

Is there any alternate way to disable margin trading?

Well, yes. You can opt for another pathway if you wish so. After reaching the “Assets” page, you can click on the “Spot” option, and from there you can turn off the margin trading by toggling the button.

Before you disable…

Hold on!! before you proceed ahead to disable the setting of margin trading, ensure that you have cleared out all the repayments. If not, then there are chances that you might face hurdles on your way toward turning off the margin trading setting.

Closing Thoughts

Through the above-listed content, you might have gotten a rough idea of how to enable and disable margin trading through a Bybit login. You can anytime enable or turn off the margin trading depending on your choice. For enabling this trade a negligible amount will be charged as a liquidation fee. Further, you can visit its “Help Center” to know the complete details relating to it.