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Too many people attempt to handle family law concerns on their own, only to find themselves in a losing situation or worse position than if they had sought legal guidance in the first place. Without the assistance of an expert family law attorney, you may wind up with unfavorable custody arrangements or other long-term consequences that may damage your life and the lives of your children in the future. Contact an expert California family law attorney now to secure the best potential outcome in your family law matter.

Family law is highly personal, and every situation is different. When you hire a seasoned family law attorney from Eric Child Custody, you’ll get an advocate who can fight for your rights under California’s Family Code sections to achieve an outcome that’s fair and just for everyone involved. You deserve an attorney that knows your requirements and what is most important to you. 

We work smart hard every day to keep that commitment. Our attorneys have over 20years of expertise assisting Orange County families in resolving family law issues. We also provide free consultations so you may learn more about how we might be able to assist you in reaching the best solution for your family. If you live in Anaheim or anywhere else in Southern California, contact us today!

With more than 20years of experience, Mr. Eric M Nakasu can help you establish your rights while seeking the best possible outcome. Our family law attorneys at Eric Child Custody work hard to make sure our clients’ needs are met. Our Family Law Attorney Anaheim, CA, understands how essential crucial it is to get desired results. 

So we will work diligently on your case ensure we achieve positive outcomes for our clients. We handle divorce, custody disputes, paternity issues, spousal support matters, and other family law matters throughout Orange County. Call 1-714-916-9800 for an appointment.

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