UV Disinfection Equipment Market, by Regional & Growth Factors Research Report by 2030.

The UV disinfection equipment market is expected to reach $ 8.40 billion by 2026 by registering a CAGR of 12.40% during the forecast period.


The UV disinfection equipment market is expected to reach $ 8.40 billion by 2026 by registering a CAGR of 12.40% during the forecast period. The UV disinfection equipment is used in various places because it uses short wavelength UV light to disinfect water by killing harmful bacteria through DNA disruption and destruction of nucleic acids.

This process disables the microorganisms leaving them unable to perform cellular functions. Due to this, UV disinfection is used in various applications such as water, food, and air purification. It is majorly found in drinking water purification, wastewater, and process water treatment. Increasing investment by the manufacturers to increase the performance of UV disinfection for large volume applications is increasing the demand for UV disinfection equipment.

Additionally, governments around the world are coming up with policies for wastewater and water treatment, and it has accelerated the technology growth in places like India and China. Furthermore, rapid industrialization in developing countries has increased water and air pollution, which has affected the purity of natural water resources. So the surge in demand for safe drinking water will play a huge role in the growth of UV disinfection equipment market

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Segments of UV disinfection equipment market

The UV disinfection equipment market is segmented on the basis of type application and end-use. In the type segment, the UV lamps segment was accounted for the highest share with a revenue share of 36.4%. The low-pressure bulbs are used where the flow rates are low and the exposure times can be longer. In commercial applications, amalgam lamps are used because they can efficiently treat microbiological contamination.

In the application segment, UV disinfection equipment is used for packaging food products such as boxes, containers, foils, and lids that help purity the surface of these products. Due to this, the contact of microbes with food products is prevented. In educational facilities, the air is polluted due to a wide range of factors, both indoor and outdoor spaces. Due to this majority of the schools and colleges have started using UV disinfection systems to reduce air pollution.

In the end-user segment, the municipal segment led the global UV disinfection equipment market with a share of 44.9%, owing to the increasing application of UV disinfection systems for water treatment. Municipal treatment plants have started adopting UV disinfection because it is cost-effective and eco-friendly compared to other solutions.

Market based on regions

The North American region led the global market, and it was accounted for a share of 32% in 2020. It is due to increasing investment in pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, and food beverages. Canada and the US are expected to play a big role in propelling the demand for wastewater treatment and UV disinfection equipment over the forecast period. Europe is another major region for the market across the globe. The rapid urbanization and industrialization, and the developing automotive market, industrial policies, and economic development will boost the demand for the UV disinfection equipment market. The rising pollution level around the world is now one of the major concerns, and to tackle this problem, commercial and residential properties are adopting UV disinfection for better air quality.

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